The Flash Movie Photos Reveal HD Look at Nic Cage's Superman Cameo

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Nicholas Cage The Flash

Warner Bros. just officially released new high-quality screenshots of Nicolas Cage‘s cameo in Ezra Miller’s The Flash movie.

The Multiverse-centric adventure had a handful of notable cameos for audiences to enjoy. This included Adam West’s Batman, Christopher Reeves’ Superman, Jay Garrick, and more.

But out of all the fun guests, it was Nicolas Cage’s Superman who ranked as one of the most shocking. Fans have always wanted to see him embody the character after he was cast in the scrapped Tim Burton Man of Steel movie from 1996.

New High-Quality Look at Nicholas Cage’s Superman

With The Flash now available on digital platforms, high-quality images from the film are hitting the web showcasing Nicholas Cage’s CGI Superman cameo in all its glory.

The big moment comes when Barry is facing off against his corrupted self in the speed force during the film’s final act. Their actions are tearing apart the Multiverse, and in doing so, the two speedsters get to glimpse into alternate realities.

Nicolas Cage, Superman
Warner Bros.

The Multiversal disaster catches Cage’s Superman just after he disposes of a giant spider. Why he’s fighting a giant arachnid? Well, that’s anyone’s guess.

Nichloas Cage, The Flash
Warner Bros.

The actor is even sporting the now-famous costume he wore for screentests for his 90s movie that never happened.

Nicholas Cage, The Flash
Warner Bros.

A Poorly Done CGI Superman Cameo for Cage

It’s exciting that after decades of wanting to see what could’ve been with Nicolas Cage’s Superman, fans finally got to see him in the suit—well, sort of.

There probably would have been a lot more excitement for this moment in the film If the cameo wasn’t in the form of a digital, poorly-rendered version of the iconic actor as the famous Kryptonian. One would have to assume that it wouldn’t have been too hard to get the actor in for a day (realistically, only a couple of hours) to film this quick moment.

It’s also a shame that the character didn’t do much of anything. Sure, he had a brief action scene with a large spider, but more interaction with the main story wouldn’t have hurt.

Maybe Cage can come back for a round two when James Gunn’s new DCU eventually comes around to telling Multiverse stories. Though, fans shouldn’t expect that any time soon.

The Flash is now available to purchase on digital platforms.

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