The Suicide Squad's Peacemaker Spin-off Receives NSFW Tagline on New Poster

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HBO Max Peacemaker Show Funny

James Gunn's DC tenure is just getting started.

After the critical success of August's The Suicide Squad, Gunn is returning to the director's chair just six months later when spin-off series Peacemaker debuts on HBO Max. The show will follow John Cena's Christopher Smith as he continues his relentless quest for peace.

Peacemaker will be joined by Freddie Stroma's Vigilante, a character that has seen live-action spotlight before in previous seasons of The CW's Arrow, as well as Robert Patrick's Auggie Smith, Peacemaker's father.

Inside looks at the show are starting to surface as Peacemaker gears up for its January debut on HBO Max. While a full-length trailer still eludes the show's marketing campaign, director and creator James Gunn has revealed another Peacemaker poster, coupled with the series' tagline.

Peacemaker Gets New Poster


He cherishes peace with all his heart, and he doesn't care how many men, women, and children he needs to kill to get it.

Ahead of its panel at next weekend's DC FanDome, director James Gunn revealed a new poster for The Suicide Squad spin-off series, Peacemaker. The poster features star John Cena in full costume sitting atop a Mercury Comet, which appears to be his signature vehicle in the show.

Coupled with the poster is a tagline true to the self-proclaimed douchey Captain America: "Give peace a f--king chance."

Peacemaker Poster with John Cena


Retaining The Suicide Squad's Rated-R Vibes

Gunn has already promised the series would have no shortage of bloody action, and the "give peace a f--king chance" quote only emphasizes what fans can expect from Peacemaker.

The Suicide Squad was all things Rated-R. From the crude comedy to the visceral violence, Gunn's take on Task Force X ran with every aspect that comes with an adult rating. As evident by this poster, Gunn and Cena are keeping those vibes going with Peacemaker.

Peacemaker's Mercury Comet gets more spotlight in this banner, indicating it is going to be an integral part of the series. The Mandalorian had the Razor Crest (rest in peace), Captain America had his Harley Davidson, and Batman has his Batmobile. Giving Peacemaker a signature vehicle gives the character an opportunity to extend his identity beyond his costume.

With the series just a couple of months away, expect more in-depth looks to arrive in the coming weeks.

Peacemaker debuts this January on HBO Max.

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