James Gunn's Peacemaker Adds Chris Conrad as DC's Vigilante, Robert Patrick and Jennifer Holland

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Chris Conrad, Robert Patrick

The DC Extended Universe is starting to add some impressive expansions to the franchise, even outside its slate of new movies that will start with Wonder Woman 1984. The next movie set to release after Patty Jenkins' sequel is James Gunn's reboot/sequel The Suicide Squad, which will bring in, not only some holdovers from the original movie like Margot Robbie and Joel Kinnaman, but also will introduce over a dozen new characters to cause unseen levels of mayhem and destruction.

One of these new characters is the highly anticipated Peacemaker, who will be brought to life by wrestling legend and cinema favorite John Cena. The new DCEU star will also be headlining his own solo Peacemaker series which James Gunn is directing on HBO Max. The series will connect back directly to The Suicide Squad, and it will will also feature the talents of Steve Agee, who plays King Shark and Belle Reve Federal Penitentiary warden John Economos in the DCEU film.

Not much is known about any plot details or other cast members alongside Cena and Agee, but the later of those mysteries has just partially been solved thanks to a new press release.


A new report from Variety has confirmed that HBO Max's Peacemaker has added the talents of Robert Patrick, Jennifer Holland and Chris Conrad to the cast alongside Steve Agee and leading actor John Cena.

Patrick will be portraying Auggie Smith and Conrad will be taking on the role of Vigilante/Adrian Chase; Holland will be reprising her role from The Suicide Squad as Emilia Harcourt.


It's clear that Warner Bros and DC Films are doing their due dilligence to bring top names into their new projects for the big screen and their streaming services, and all three of these new additions fit that bill quite well. Holland is an exciting new piece to this puzzle after first appearing in 2021's The Suicide Squad, and it will be fun to see how Emilia Harcourt meshes with Peacemaker after their larger-scale adventure in theaters.

Conrad's Vigilante is a recognizable name from DC Comics history, first serving as a district attorney before going on a murderous rampage after his wife and child are killed. Patrick's role as Auggie Smith is more of a mystery than his other co-stars, although he has an outstanding resume spanning over 30 years in Hollywood. He has shined both in movies and television, and this will be his first major TV role since his four-year run on CBS' Scorpion from 2014 to 2018.

All three new cast members should add plenty of firepower to this brand new DCEU series, as should the recent addition of Danielle Brooks, as John Cena gets the chance to explore his new DCEU character more deeply on HBO Max. Peacemaker is scheduled to start shooting in early 2021 before Gunn moves on to Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3 for Marvel Studios, and there is no timeframe for its release.

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