John Cena's Peacemaker HBO Max Show Adds Close Enough Star Danielle Brooks

Daniella Brooks, John Cena
By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Posted:

The Suicide Squad hasn't even landed in theaters yet, but its universe is poised to expand due to the imminent arrival of a spinoff show in the form of Peacemaker. Set to premiere on HBO Max next year, the series will explore the origins of John Cena's "douchey Captain America," and he will be joined by returning director James Gunn. 

The HBO Max series will reportedly have eight episodes, with Gunn directing multiple of them. Peter Safran, producer of The Suicide Squad, was also revealed to be involved as an executive producer alongside Gunn.

Production of Peacemaker is set to begin soon, and new details have emerged about the spinoff series in the past weeks. Now, it seems that a new casting addition has surfaced, potentially giving clues on how the narrative will play out. 


Deadline shared in a report that Orange is the New Black actress Danielle Brooks is joining HBO Max's Peacemaker spinoff series. The outlet also revealed that Brooks will play a character named "Leota Adebayo," but other details about the role are still being kept under wraps. 

Brooks will join lead star John Cena, who plays Peacemaker, as well as The Suicide Squad's Steve Agee. Aside from Netflix's Orange is the New Black, Brooks is also known for her roles in projects such as The Day Shall Come, Master of None, and HBO Max's Close Enough

Along with the reveal, Peacemaker and The Suicide Squad director James Gunn shared his reaction, expressing his excitement about Brooks' involvement in the show. 



Given that Peacemaker is being described as an "action-adventure-comedy" type of series, the inclusion of Brooks to the cast isn't surprising, considering the comedic background of the actress. It's worth noting that Brooks received two NAACP Image Award nominations for Best Actress in a Comedy series during her stint with Orange is the New Black, and this should bode well for the John Cena-led prequel series. 

Not much is known about the significance of Brooks' character in the show, but it's likely that the role of Leota Adebayo is specifically written for Peacemaker. It's possible that Leota is romantically involved with Cena's character or she could be one of Peacemaker's friends, potentially serving as comedic relief for the series. 

Whatever the case, it's exciting to hear the addition of Brooks in Peacemaker, and this is a good sign that the HBO Max series is slowly taking shape. Hopefully, more details will be revealed as soon as Peacemaker ramps up production.