James Gunn Teases Lots of Mature Content in Peacemaker HBO Max Series

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John Cena bloody, Peacemaker suit

After a brief exit from Marvel Studios, James Gunn was quickly signed on by Warner Bros. to develop a sequel/reboot to 2016's Suicide Squad.

Since officially joining the project in February 2019, Gunn has been praised by his cast and crew alike, and has teased that The Suicide Squad is the “most fun” he's ever had working on a film. Sorry, Guardians of the Galaxy fans. Don't take it personally.

While the movie is still months away, Gunn's approval at DC is already strong enough to get a spin-off series greenlit. John Cena's Peacemaker, a member of The Suicide Squad's Task Force X, is set to receive his own solo project exclusively on HBO Max.

While the show has been busy adding talent, plot details are still being kept close to the vest. Nonetheless, Gunn has begun teasing what kind of tone fans can expend in this show.


Don't let the name fool you.

Taking to Twitter, James Gunn corrected a report that claimed Peacemaker was set for a broadcast run on The CW. The director bluntly said that if they edited the gritty series for traditional television, “it would be forty seconds long.”

The inital report was then correct, and Gunn shared his thanks:



As mentioned above, don't let the Peacemaker name fool you. This series is going to be as grotesque and gritty as they come, with that traditional James Gunn humor infused within it. If Gunn claims only “forty seconds” would be suitable for the family-friendly CW channel, expect the majority of this show's runtime to be strictly tailored to adult audiences.

The beauty of streaming is how much freedom these directors seem to have. While Gunn has made two fan-favorite flicks (with a third on its way) within the confines of the PG-13 Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's refreshing to know he will be able to do all the mature content he wants with this series. After all, Gunn's early filmography credits include Slither and Terror Firmer, two flicks renowned for their dark humor. If this tweet is anything to go off of, expect some vintage Gunn black comedy in this Peacemaker series.

John Cena has previously teased that his superhero is “like a douchey Captain America” who would go to any length to achieve peace. While Cena will only play a supporting role in The Suicide Squad film, expect whatever savage Steve Rogers elements he showcases on the silver screen to be amplified in this HBO Max series.

Peacemaker will begin filming in January 2021 and its release is currently undated.

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