James Gunn Reveals HBO Max's Ridiculous Turnaround Time With The Suicide Squad Spin-off Peacemaker

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John Cena Peacemaker

Comic book movie regular James Gunn is only a few weeks away from delivering his next major blockbuster with Warner Bros.' The Suicide Squad before transitioning back to Marvel Studios for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Through all this, he's also set to bring his first comic book TV show with Peacemaker coming to HBO Max in early 2022.

Gunn will help the DC Extended Universe expand its content into the world of streaming by featuring John Cena taking his movie character into the highly anticipated Peacemaker solo series. With an eight-episode run showcasing Christopher Smith's origin story before he teams up with his anti-hero co-workers, no specific story details have come to light yet.

Although no hints at the plot have been made public, fans now have the direct source that came up with them in the first place...



Peacemaker director James Gunn confirmed on Twitter when exactly he pitched the entirety of the DCEU series to HBO Max while also revealing that filming for the show is complete. As such, the series evolved from a James Gunn pitch to a fully-filmed project in an astounding 11 months.

Gunn wrote that he "pitched a vague pitch" to the executives "less than a year ago" and that he just celebrated "a wrap on Day 131 & Season One of Peacemaker:"

"And that’s a wrap on Day 131 & Season One of #Peacemaker. Less than a year ago I pitched a vague pitch to @hbomax - here we are 11 months later with 8 astounding episodes in the can. Cast & crew: I love you all. Thank you for putting your hearts & souls into this project."


James Gunn has proven his prowess in movies, specifically in the world of comic books, on numerous occasions. After all, he turned the Guardians of the Galaxy into a household name after the team went largely under the radar amongst casual Marvel Comics fans.

It seems only right that he pitched the initial idea for John Cena's Peacemaker series on top of his directing and writing duties for the show as well.

Peacemaker's origin story will be something special to witness after fans see him in his full form in August's The Suicide Squad, although it's still unclear how his story will unfold. However, knowing that Gunn put so much hard work into developing DC's first streaming show should keep fans excited for what's on the way.

Additionally, it's thrilling to know that Gunn and his team have officially completed filming on the DCEU's first expansion into the streaming world.

Hearing that Gunn pulled this entire show together from pitch to filming completion in only 11 months is an incredible feat, especially on a project from a franchise as big as the DCEU. Even with over four months of shooting included in this timeframe, this is one of the more impressive turnarounds in recent years.

With between five and six months until the show begins its run, Gunn still has plenty of work to do in post-production, but the end is finally on the horizon.

Peacemaker will debut on HBO Max in January 2022.

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