Marvel Boss Confirms Second Seasons For Certain Disney+ Shows

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Marvel has a packed line-up of upcoming Disney+ properties beyond WandaVision. However, no word has been issued yet on if they are all one-off stories or if some will see follow-up seasons. 

Some upcoming shows have been described as “event series” — implying that only one season is intended — however, others seem perfectly poised to continue to run for multiple years.

The studio will likely wait some time before renewing any of the Disney+ series for their second seasons. Marvel's slate already fills up the majority of the next couple of years with weekly content, making it tough to place release dates for any further projects in the near future.

However, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has offered a comment on the studio's plans to follow-up on the stories of their Disney+ characters, confirming second seasons are in the works.


The Hollywood Reporter's Aaron Couch revealed in a tweet that Kevin Feige has confirmed that some upcoming Marvel Studios Disney+ series will see second seasons. However, the producer offered no specific comment on exactly which ones.



With only one Marvel series having premiered so far, it seems impossible to predict which shows will tell one-off stories and which could turn into multi-year adventures. Disney has seen great success with The Mandalorian which is about to head into its third season, so it's likely they'll be aiming to replicate the same success on the Marvel side.

WandaVision has been extremely popular through its run, with its unique sitcom concept being used to tell a deeper story that will change the universe forever. However, the multi-era sitcom concept largely seems to have been exhausted by this point and is extremely unlikely to see a follow-up.

However, more traditional MCU series — like the spy-action of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier or the time-travel adventures of Loki — are perfectly suited to run for multiple years and continue to show off more epic Marvel action with more villains.

The most obvious DIsney+ shows to see follow-ups, however, are the ones that will introduce brand-new characters to the Marvel universe like Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and Ironheart. Many of these characters have been highly requested to make the jump to the MCU for years. Now that they've finally found their home on the streaming service, that's likely where they will remain for years to come.

WandaVision will release its penultimate episode on Disney+ this Friday before The Falcon and the Winter Soldier makes its debut on March 19.

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