WandaVision Leak Reveals Next Episode Is Longest One Yet

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WandaVision has taken the MCU fandom by storm.  Wanda's shenanigans have entranced the world, becoming the most talked about story in entertainment, as well as even crashing the Disney+ site just after the seventh episode was uploaded. The beginning of the show introduced an endless stream of questions, which is sure to happen with first venture back into the MCU since 2019.

On top of being the first visit back to this world since Spider-Man: Far From Home , WandaVision marks the first Marvel Studio led television show to air, thereby expanding what is possible for the MCU. Instead of a two or three hour film, WandaVision provides hours upon hours of new story content. In fact, according to director Matt Shakman, the Disney+ adventure will end having run a total of “roughly six hours” .

However, so far, the show has only provided episodes that hardly reach the 30-minute mark. After seven entries, about three and a half hours of Wanda and Vision tomfoolery has aired. That leaves a lot of time left--especially given the estimate that Shakman provided. We at The Direct even tried our best at predicting just how many minutes of WandaVision we may have left .

However, thanks to a reliable source, there may be more insight into how long the penultimate episode will be.


According to Reddit user u/Plenty_Echidna_544, Episode 8 of WandaVision will run 47 minutes long. Being that the longest episode yet, Episode 5, clocked in at 42 minutes, this upcoming penultimate installment is set to become the new runtime champion in the week ahead.

This same leaker correctly reported on "Episode 7's" runtime last week and has even been verified by the mods on the subreddit--which is no easy feat. All of this makes their credibility on the matter quite reliable and this 47 minute length extremely likely.


With only two episodes remaining in WandaVision's first (and only?) season, there's no telling what will--or can--happen. Now that the story is seemingly out of the sitcom shtik that the show has run on for seven episodes, it would only make sense that in doing so, the final episodes expand in screen time.  This leaves room for a lot to happen, and given how the last episode blew up every thing known thus far , the show has a lot to answer for.

Even after seven episodes, it feels that fans are no closer to knowing why or how all of this happened in the first place. More than that, looking athow the show begins the overall Phase 4 story of the multiverse , is not very clear. With the final two episodes being far longer, it could allow the show to finish off in a proper epic fashion.

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