MCU: The Only 12 Characters to Appear In Every Phase

Over four phases of the MCU, only 12 characters have played a role in each one (not counting animation or third-party mentions).

By Matt Roembke -

Superhero Alias:
Paul Bettany
Superhuman strength
Density control
First Appearance:
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Every Appearance:
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Captain America: Civil War
Avengers: Infinity War
What If...?
Next Appearance:
Vision Quest (rumored)

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Captain America: Civil War's Airport Battle Originally Lasted Much Longer

Joe and Anthony Russo shared how the airport battle in Captain America: Civil War could have been longer.

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WandaVision Trailer Breaks Record for Most Views in 24 Hours for a Streaming Show Ad

WandaVision's debut trailer becomes the highest-viewed trailer of all time for any streaming show

By Richard Nebens -

WandaVision Crew Seemingly Returns for More Filming

New evidence from a crew member's social media suggests that the WandaVision production is back to filming.

By Tom Drew -

Elizabeth Olsen Had a Real Fight With Paul Bettany on WandaVision Set

WandaVision's Elizabeth Olsen reflected on the time she got into a fight with her co-star, Paul Bettany.

By Richard Nebens -

WandaVision Secretly Reused a Forgotten Disney Movie Song

WandaVision's songwriting team used a forgotten Disney song for the MCU Disney+ series.

By Savannah Sanders -

Paul Bettany's New Vision Disney+ Show Gets Development Update

A new report shared a promising update about Paul Bettany's Vision series on Disney+.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Paul Bettany's New Vision Disney+ Show Gets Promising Update

A new promising update for Marvel Studios' Vision Quest has made its way online.

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MCU Young Avengers Rumored to Include Vision’s Child

The MCU's growing roster of Young Avengers is rumored to add Vision's Child, Viv.

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Marvel Studios Now Has 6 'Pseudo' Sequels In Development

Marvel Studios is evolving how they handle their sequels in the Multiverse Saga and here's how

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WandaVision: New Promo Images Reveal How MCU's SWORD Will Differ From Comics

It seems like the acronym for S.W.O.R.D. will be slightly different in the MCU.

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WandaVision Could Directly Reference Events in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

WandaVision might have references to events in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, tying the two shows together.

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WandaVision Halloween! Disney Unveils Adult Costumes For Scarlet Witch & Vision's MCU Designs

Disney releases adult Halloween costumes of Vision and the Scarlet Witch inspired by WandaVision's Halloween episode on Disney+.

By Savannah Sanders -

WandaVision: Marvel Releases Stunning New Poster Two Years After Premiere

A variant cover for a Scarlet Witch comic paid tribute to WandaVision two years after it first aired.

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Disney+ Just Edited Ms. Marvel’s Finale for Spider-Man: No Way Home Continuity

Shots from Ms. Marvel have been updated by Disney+ to fix a continuity error.

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Marvel Announces New Avengers Lineup for Latest 2023 Run

A new roster of Avengers has been announced for a May 2023 comic run.

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Marvel Studios' Young Avengers Team Gets Promising Update

The MCU's Young Avengers may be on the way in an upcoming Disney+ series.

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Marvel Secretly Confirms Phase 4's Most Important Theme

Marvel Studios secretly included one unifying theme throughout Phase 4 of the MCU.

By Richard Nebens -

Sebastian Stan's Winter Soldier & Wyatt Russell's US Agent Receive New Marvel Figures

Hasbro has shown off a number of figures from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and more!

By Jennifer McDonough -

New Report Teases Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch Return In Upcoming Disney+ Show

The Scarlet Witch was rumored to return to the MCU in the upcoming Vision Quest Disney+ show.

By Richard Nebens -

WandaVision Actor Reacts to MCU Vision Spin-off Reports

WandaVision star Julian Hilliard shared his thoughts on Paul Bettany's reported Vision spin-off.

By Richard Nebens -

Marvel Studios Reportedly Giving Vision His Own Disney+ Show

Marvel Studios is reportedly working on a new Disney+ series revolving around Paul Bettany's Vision.

By Russ Milheim -

Eternals 2 Theory Reveals Which Avengers Are Most Likely to Appear In Sequel

Here's which Marvel characters should cross paths with the Eternals during their next MCU outing.

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MCU Phase 4 Delays Causing Marvel Studios To Adjust For Plot Continuity

New EW article on WandaVision reinforces Marvel's dedication to continuity between Disney+ shows and movies.

By Richard Nebens -

White Vision's Marvel Return Teased by Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen reveals her excitement for Wanda Maximoff and White Vision to meet again.

By Lauren Rouse -

WandaVision: Marvel Exec Teases Final Post-Credits Scene

A Marvel executive teases the possibility of "Episode 9" of WandaVision will end with multiple post-credits scenes.

By Richard Nebens -

WandaVision: All 9 Episodes Ranked From Worst To Best

WandaVision concluded with a climactic finale episode after a nine-episode run full of ups and downs. This is The Direct's ranking of the nine episodes of WandaVision.

By Sam Hargrave -

WandaVision Producer Addresses White Vision's Future In MCU

WandaVision head writer Jac Schaeffer dove into the details of how the Vision vs. White Vision battle came to be what it was.

By Richard Nebens -

Paul Bettany Reveals How Kevin Feige Reacted To His WandaVision Cameo Jokes

WandaVision actor Paul Bettany reflected on his major cameo joke that ignited a storm of internet speculation.

By Nora Ambrose -

WandaVision Finale: Spoiler Images of White Vision, Scarlet Witch & More Released

Disney officially releases seven still photos from "Episode 9" of Marvel Studios' WandaVision.

By Richard Nebens -

WandaVision: New Set Footage of Elizabeth Olsen, Kathryn Hahn & More Revealed For Marvel Documentary

A preview for WandaVision's behind-the-scenes documentary has been released.

By Tom Drew -

WandaVision: Set Photos Show Elizabeth Olsen's New Scarlet Witch, Paul Bettany's Vision & More

The new stills from Marvel Studios': Assembled showcase different looks at the core cast members of WandaVision.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Falcon and Winter Soldier: Unexpected Reference To WandaVision Vehicle Revealed

The latest installment of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier featured an unexpected WandaVision Easter egg.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

WandaVision: Why Westview's VFX Were So Difficult To Get Right

WandaVision VFX supervisor Julien Hery has explained the difficulty of creating Westview compared to typical superhero set pieces, due to its realistic nature.

By Sam Hargrave -

WandaVision's Surprise Cameo Will Rival Mark Hamill's The Mandalorian Appearance, Says Star

Elizabeth Olsen says there is a surprise casting that has yet to be revealed for Disney+'s WandaVision.

By David Thompson -

WandaVision: Disney+ Seemingly Confirms December Release for Marvel Series

In Disney's November content announcement video for Disney+, WandaVision was left unmentioned, seemingly confirming a December release.

By Pierre Chanliau -

WandaVision: Kat Dennings' Darcy Rumored To Play a Significant Role in Disney+ Series

The role of Darcy Lewis in WandaVision is reportedly given some more insight by a Marvel insider.

By Pierre Chanliau -

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