MCU Young Avengers Rumored to Include Vision’s Child

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Paul Bettany as Vision, Cassie Lang, Kate Bishop, Ms. Marvel, Viv Vision

The MCU's Young Avengers might soon arrive, and a new rumor may shed some light on another member, related to Vision, potentially joining the team.

Marvel Studios producer Stephen Broussard recently shared a disappointing update about the debut of the MCU's Young Avengers, saying that no such project is currently in the works. Still, the top executive teased that "the next generation" is exciting to explore moving forward. 

Moreover, a rumor also revealed that the Vision Quest Disney+ series will set up the MCU's Young Avengers, but it is unknown how. 

Who Is the New Member of the Young Avengers?

Insider Jason Kane (Greatphase) revealed that Vivian, Vision's daughter from the comics, will become a member of the MCU's Young Avengers. 

Entertainment scooper KC Walsh corroborated Greatphase's report, saying that Vivian and Victor Mancha will be included in the upcoming Vision Quest show on Disney+.

Victor Mancha is the child of Ultron from Tom King's Vision comic.

In Marvel Comics, Vivian Vision is a synthezoid created by Vision to humanize himself through the creation of a family. Vivian's brainwaves are from the combination of the brain patterns of Vision and her mother, Virginia.

Vivian Vision
Marvel Comics

Moreover, Viv is a member of the Champions alongside Ms. Marvel, Nova, Spider-Man, Hulk, and Cyclops. However, it seems the MCU's Viv will join the Young Avengers instead. 

Meanwhile, Victor Mancha was created using Marianella Mancha's DNA (the one who discovered Ultron's head with an active CPU) and the evil AI's cybernetics. The character's body is designed with nanites, which consistently develop until he would turn virtually indistinguishable from a fully biological human. 

Victor Mancha
Marvel Comics

Given that Vision originally has Vin as his son in the comics, it's possible that the MCU's Victor Mancha will replace him instead.

This information has not been officially confirmed by either Marvel Studios or Disney and should be considered strictly rumor.

How Will Vision’s Kids Fit in the MCU?

Although a Young Avengers project is not on the horizon yet, it looks like Marvel Studios is slowly adding more members to the group before they would eventually assemble. 

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige previously said that the MCU has "amazing characters" that have been "introduced in Phase 4," alluding that if there were to be a project featuring the Young Avengers, it would come farther down the line:

"We’ve got… we’re sort of reminding people of all the amazing characters that we have introduced in Phase 4 and sort of where those characters go and how they how they form their own their own cliques."

However, many would agree that it's quite odd that a newcomer like Vision's daughter would be included. Still, it's possible that the events of Vision Quest and potentially Armor Wars would set up Vivian's inclusion in the Young Avengers lineup. 

Moreover, the question remains if Vivian's brother, Victor Mancha, would also end up alongside the next generation of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. 

Given that Victor has connections to Ultron in the comics, his evil side could take over, potentially serving as the villain of the MCU's Young Avengers. 

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