Marvel Studios' Young Avengers Team Gets Promising Update

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An upcoming Disney+ series will reportedly lay the groundwork for the Young Avengers' introduction into the MCU.

The MCU has only ever had one mainstay superhero team, that being the Avengers, but the Multiverse Saga is looking to change that. Phase 4 has already laid the footing for the Young Avengers to enter the mix in the not-too-distant future with the introduction of several staple team members.

Among those who have popped up in the latest Phase 4 movies and Disney+ series have been Kate Bishop, Ms. Marvel, America Chavez, Ironheart, Skaar, Prince T'Challa II, Thor 4's Love, Eli Bradley, and the Maximoff Twins.

But even with the seeds being planted rights in front of fans' eyes, a Young Avengers project continues to be absent from the slate for both Phases 5 & 6, leaving many questioning what Marvel Studios truly has planned for the team. Well, a new rumor may have just revealed where things are heading.

MCU's Young Avengers To Be Set Up in Upcoming Disney+ Series

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According to the "trusted sources" of the Marvel Studios Spoilers subreddit, the Vision Quest Disney+ series will finally set up the MCU's Young Avengers.

The Paul Bettany-led WandaVision spin-off is also said to introduce Viv, the daughter of Vision and possibly another member of the Young Avengers team.

Insider Jeff Sneider revealed Vision's Disney+ series to be in development on the Hot Mic Podcast in late October 2022. He claimed the project will be titled Vision Quest and Marvel Studios planned to open a writers' room the following week, while Deadline added that WandaVision's Jac Schaeffer will oversee development.

How Vision Quest Could Be Vital to the MCU's Phase 6

Vision has close ties to the Young Avengers in the comics, having both formed and mentored the team before as a replacement for the disbanded Avengers. The synthezoid even joined the team as a reborn teenage hero, Vision II, created by merging the original Vision with the data held within Kang Variant Iron Lad's armor.

This comic story saw a young version of Kang, Nathaniel Richards, time travel into the present day to recruit the help of the Avengers, only to find the team broken, and the world in ruins. However, going through their records, he found Vision's fail-safe plan to create more heroes if the team were to fall.

This led him to travel even further back and form the Young Avengers - which he joined under the alias of Iron Lad. Unfortunately, after being found by Kang, Nathaniel was forced to leave the team for his own timeline, but left his armor behind, allowing Vision's systems to take over and create Vision II.

Massive amounts of the original Vision Quest story were already pulled into WandaVision, so perhaps the "quest" being referenced in the Disney+ title may be on to assemble the Young Avengers. If this were to adapt some of the comic elements discussed before, it may even be a major piece in the Phase 6 puzzle.

Perhaps, in the aftermath of the Avengers' possible loss in The Kang Dynasty, White Vision will see the original Vision's fail-safe program activate, sending him on a mission to assemble the next generation of MCU heroes. This might even involve him creating his own daughter, Viv, to oversee the team on his behalf.

With Marvel Studios having just recently opened up a writers' room for Vision Quest, a release during Phase 6 in 2025 or 2026 is entirely plausible. The team could then assist the Avengers in Secret Wars before going on to lead their own ensemble movie or series in Phase 7 and the MCU's next saga.

Vision Quest has yet to set a release date. 

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