WandaVision: Marvel Releases Stunning New Poster Two Years After Premiere

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WandaVision poster Scarlet Witch

Two years after the debut of WandaVision at the beginning of 2021, Marvel released a new variant comic cover paying tribute to the show.

Marvel has a history of making variant comic covers in the styles of or starring MCU characters and plots. Back in 2021, Marvel released various covers depicting big moments from Phase 1 of the MCU, then added stories from Phase 2 later that year.

Then, a year later, comic covers based on some Phase 3 properties were added to the repertoire. Phase 4 is now joining this group. 

New Comic Poster for WandaVision

Marvel released a variant cover for the current Scarlet Witch ongoing series that depicted characters as they appeared in WandaVision, paying tribute to the fan-favorite MCU show years after it was released.

A comic cover for Scarlet Witch Number 3. A black label in the top left has the text
Marvel Comics

The cover from artist David Nakayama is a variant for Scarlet Witch #3, available on March 8. The ongoing series by Steve Orlando and Sara Pichelli began in 2023 and is quickly becoming a favorite of Wanda Maximoff fans.

The cover depicts Vision and White Vision, with beams from the stones on their heads converging in the center of the art. Wanda herself is big and center, displaying powerful Chaos Magic coming from her hands.

Below her are Monica Rambeau, seemingly fresh after getting her new powers, and Agatha Harkness, mid-wink in the teasing way Kathryn Hahn made iconic for the character.

On the bottom are Wanda and Vision, once again, leaning against each other while sitting on the couch, clad in their outfits from the series' second episode.

The whole cover has the static-like vibe that the posters and logos for WandaVision had, one of which is even featured on the top of the cover.

How the MCU Inspires Comic Art

It is important to remember that this is a variant cover. The comic will not be telling the story of WandaVision in the way that many MCU companion comics have in the past.

However, MCU-inspired variant covers are a fun way to give MCU favorites a comic spin without changing the plots of the comics they cover. Seeing Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch in Nakayama's comic style is a fun experience for fans of the character and of the comic alike.

Perhaps more Phase 4 projects will see variant covers, especially given the MCU's recent tendency toward comic-accurate designs.

WandaVision is streaming on Disney+, and Scarlet Witch #3 releases in comic book shops on March 8.

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