New WandaVision Sequel Trailer Confirms the Death of Wanda Maximoff

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Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch in WandaVision

A WandaVision sequel is coming to Disney+ in the form of Agatha All Along, and a new trailer confirmed the death of Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda Maximoff.

Wanda Maximoff is out of the MCU picture for now after her “death” in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. But Marvel Studios is lining up a return to the world of witches and superhero-infused magic with Disney+’s Agatha All Along.

The series will serve as a pseudo-sequel to WandaVision as Kathryn Hahn's Agatha Harkness takes the lead for nine episodes of chaos (magic), premiering on Disney+ on September 18.

Marvel Confirms Wanda’s Death With New Trailer

Wanda Maximoff in Doctor Strange 2

Disney’s latest Upfront showcase highlighted some of the biggest series on their way to Disney+, including Agatha All Along. The presentation included a privately shown trailer for the WandaVision sequel that finally confirmed the death of Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximof.

IGN published a description for the trailer that noted that it opened with Agatha Harkness operating as a detective investigating a murder. A glance from the popular witch to a list of dates saw “W. Maximoff” named next to October 13, referring to her date of death.

After taking a villainous turn in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Wanda Maximoff made the ultimate sacrifice at the sequel's climax. The superhero witch used her magic to bring Mount Wundagore to the ground, crushing herself in the ruins and destroying the Darkhold across the Multiverse.

Returning to the Agatha All Along trailer, attendees were treated to a look at Aubrey Plaza's mysterious character as she asked Harkness, "Is this really how you see yourself?"

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It followed with Plaza telling the magical villain, "That witch is gone, leaving you in a distorted spell. Claw your way out." This may be teasing how Agatha will escape from Wanda's spell which trapped her as the nosy neighbor of Westview in the WandaVision series finale.

The trailer showed Agatha snapping out of the trance before saying, "She took every bit of power had. I can be that witch again."

Agatha All Along highlighted a series of "eerie, witchy sequences" as the titular character promised to walk the Witch's Road and build her coven.

Fans also caught a glimpse at Patti LuPone's character as she said, "What witch in her right mind would join Agatha Harkness' coven?" Naturally, Agatha returned with a gasp and a hilarious, "I'm not looking for right-minded witches."

Is Wanda Actually Dead in the MCU?

Marvel Studios may be determined to convince fans Wanda Maximoff is dead in the MCU, but most fans are certain she will be back eventually.

Scarlet Witch’s popularity reached an all-time high in Phase 4 with WandaVision and Doctor Strange 2. Marvel Studios will undoubtedly be eager to capitalize on that eventually with her return, most likely in Avengers 5 or Secret Wars.

Elizabeth Olsen has admitted she is not necessarily eager to return to the MCU. Still, the actress has been making her presence felt since her Sacred Timeline death as she reprised the role for What If...? Season 2.

How exactly Wanda will find herself back in the MCU is a far tougher question, however. Will she be resurrected by her magical cohorts? Could a Multiversal Variant take her place? Or did she even die at Mount Wundagore in the first place?

The studio has options for bringing her back, and some are convinced that could happen sooner rather than later in this year’s Agatha All Along

While it’s unconfirmed whether Elizabeth Olsen will return as Wanda Maximoff for the Disney+ series, the latest trailer description certainly suggests her presence will be felt in some form. 

With Agatha investigating a mysterious death, potentially Wanda's, bringing her back to life could ultimately be a focal point of the WandaVision sequel.

Agatha All Along will premiere its first two episodes on Disney+ on September 18.

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