Disney+ Just Edited Ms. Marvel’s Finale for Spider-Man: No Way Home Continuity

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Two scenes from Ms. Marvel have been edited by Disney+ to fix a timeline continuity error.

The MCU has a history of slightly editing and changing clips from their shows, even months after the shows' finales aired, but thus far, changes have been fairly minor and non-impactful.

For example, the Halloween episode of WandaVision originally listed Vision as "The Vision" in its opening credits, with the "the" being removed in May 2022. A post-credit scene in the WandaVision finale was also updated after release to better set up Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Now, the Spring 2022 series Ms. Marvel joins the line-up of shows that have been edited post-release.

Ms. Marvel Edited for Spider-Man Continuity

Disney+ has edited two shots from Ms. Marvel to better align with the MCU's timeline.

A collage of two almost-identical images, the only differences being the word
Marvel Studios

The two shots both show the Statue of Liberty — one being from the credits, and the other being from the opening scene of the season's finale. The original versions of both shots show a teal Lady Liberty, as she appears in the real world.

A collage of two almost-identical images, the only differences being the word
Marvel Studios

However, MCU fans know that the statue should actually be copper-colored, as was introduced in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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Marvel Studios

Based on the MCU's released timeline, Ms. Marvel comes after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (and therefore after Spider-Man: No Way Home) chronologically.

To fix this error, Disney+ has edited both shots to show a copper Statue of Liberty, in line with MCU continuity. These edited shots were first shared by MsMarvelUK on Twitter.

Why Did Ms. Marvel's Statue of Liberty Get Edited?

By making this change to Ms. Marvel, the MCU has further solidified itself as a continuous, single universe.

Unlike Marvel Comics, the MCU has yet to retcon any story elements. Tireless work has seemingly been put in to ensure that the MCU is continuity-error-free, and this edit is another result of it.

As the MCU expands into a vast Multiverse, it may become harder to remember little continuity details like the color of the Statue of Liberty in an establishing shot. By editing these shots, Marvel emphasizes its continued devotion to those smaller details, despite it seeming like a minuscule change.

Perhaps, fans will see more of this updated Statue of Liberty in future films. How did current Captain America, Sam Wilson, react to the tribute? Will Peter Parker and Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four use the monument as their "usual place" like they do in the comics?

Until fans know more, all episodes of Ms. Marvel are streaming on Disney+.

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