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While WandaVision largely centered on Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda Maximoff in her journey towards self-discovery, Paul Bettany's Vision played an equally large role in the story while adding to his record-long MCU tenure. Now, the franchise's longest-standing star is reportedly in for his own moment of glory even after WandaVision seemingly brought his story to an emotional end in 2021.

A recent rumor hinted that Marvel Studios is days away from opening a writer's room for a Disney+ show titled Vision Quest, which would give Paul Bettany the leading role for the first time in his 14-year MCU career. Much of the Vision Quest storyline from the comics has already been seen in WandaVision, so it's unclear what the story will hold. But just having Paul Bettany back for more will be thrilling for fans who have stuck with the MCU since 2008.

And on top of fan excitement, one of Bettany's youngest co-stars shared his own thoughts about his on-screen dad getting this own extension to his MCU journey.

Billy Maximoff Star Celebrates Vision Spin-Off News

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Following the rumor about Paul Bettany's Vision getting to star in his own Disney+ spin-off, Vision Quest, WandaVision star Julian Hilliard took to Twitter to celebrate the news.

Hilliard first shared an article discussing the news while offering the caption "Dad/Toaster Paul Bettany, I miss you" along with a glasses-adorned emoji.

To give that "toaster" comment some context, Hilliard then shared a panel from an issue of Marvel Comics' The Vision from Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez Walta, in which Wanda Maximoff called Vision a toaster.

"…and some of y’all need to read The Vision (King/Walta). It’s incredibly good"

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Julian Hilliard Thrilled for Bettany's Next MCU Step

Even being the MCU's youngest star, Julian Hilliard has been exceptionally open about his love for the franchise and what he wants to see from the MCU moving forward. Speaking exclusively with The Direct, he shared how much he enjoyed working with Elizabeth Olsen on WandaVision, which clearly applies to Paul Bettany with this set of posts.

Whether Hilliard would get to return in Bettany's rumored Vision Quest series is still a mystery, particularly with the story only going into the writer's room in the coming days.

But regardless of the story details, seeing Hilliard so happy for Bettany only shows how close the WandaVision stars are, which is the case for many of the MCU's biggest names from the big screen and Disney+ as well. Now, Hilliard waits to find out if and when he'll get his own call to return to the MCU after his last appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, especially with the Young Avengers set to join the fray at some point.

Vision Quest will reportedly begin the early stages of development within the next week.

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