WandaVision Leak Reveals Runtime of Next Episode

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Before WandaVision was released, fans debated how many episodes there would be and how long each of them would end up being. In interviews , and even during the virtual red carpet , it was stated that the series would last around six hours.

However, when it was finally confirmed that WandaVision would have a total of nine episodes, fans began to finally accept that the length of each would vary and that they wouldn't be one hour long.

However, a recent rumor began circulating the internet, falsely quoting Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige saying that the last three episodes of the sitcom throwback series would be an hour each. This has been proven false , but it has seemingly been confirmed by a new leak that the upcoming episode of WandaVision won't be an hour long.


According to a leaker on the subreddit MarvelStudiosSpoilers, who provided proof to moderators, the upcoming seventh episode of WandaVision will be 38 minutes long, which presumably includes the credits.


If this turns out to be true and "Episode 7" is as long as “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!,” then it seems likely that the last two episodes could be an hour-long each, potentially becoming its own TV movie. This is something commonly seen with some television shows that act as a series finale, which could be the case for WandaVision, and it's unlikely to be an ongoing series like other Marvel Studios shows.

Director Matt Shakman said that the series would have “the biggest set pieces [the studio's] ever done,” and even Paul Bettany spoke excitedly about how fans will get to see some big battles “somewhere in the region” of the last three episodes.

Obviously, the last batch of episodes will start to really feel like a traditional MCU movie, but hopefully still keeping the depth and intrigue the series has been cultivating.

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