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Marvel Studios has seemed to find overwhelming success through the first eight episodes of its new venture on Disney+. With WandaVision coming close to the end of its debut season, the stage is set for a monumental finale to what’s been an absolute whirlwind of an adventure for the end of Phase 4’s opening act.

Thanks to the show paying tribute to six different eras of network TV sitcoms , the episode lengths have all been quite varied as new entries come every week. Each episode set in its own decade makes the most of its allotted screen time, which has added up to about four and a half hours of action thus far.

In that light, a rumor has just come about how long the season finale is set to be, and it should have fans thrilled for next week.


According to a moderator-verified post from the subreddit MarvelStudiosSpoilers , "Episode 9" of WandaVision will clock in at 50 minutes long including the credits. This would mean the season finale is the longest episode of WandaVision to date, topping “Episode 8’s” runtime of just over 46 minutes.

This leak also claims that there is no mystery tenth episode, as was previously stated in rumors.

It should be noted that previous leaked WandaVision episode runtimes that were verified by this subreddit before the episode's airing ended up being right within range. The claim of 38 minutes for “Episode 7” turned out to be the exact final minute count for U.S.-based Disney+ users, and the projection of 47 minutes for this week’s “Episode 8.” was accurate within one minute. With two correct numbers in a row, it’s a good bet that the scoop for next week will come true as well.


After Marvel CCO Kevin Feige’s comments that the later episodes would be more of the classic MCU stories after the sitcom entries, it makes plenty of sense that “Episode 9” comes as the series’ longest entry.

For reference, the first four episodes were all under 40 minutes long, the shortest being “Episode 1” at just short of half an hour. The next three entries came in between 37 and 42 minutes before this past week took the current crown at a tick over 46 minutes.

With so many loose ends to tie off before Season 1 of WandaVision comes to a close, it’s very appropriate for “Episode 9” to be the longest of the bunch. A final battle for Westview between Wanda and Agatha Harkness seems imminent, and there seems to be a whole world of trouble in store with the newly birthed White Vision.

On top of this news, after the exciting rumor about the mystery tenth episode from a few weeks ago , it shouldn't be too much of a shock to see this not come through. Regardless, getting the MCU's first Disney+ shows and having it be nine episodes long is still an amazing experience for the fandom after eighteen months with no new releases.

“Episode 9” of WandaVision will premiere on Disney+ on Friday, March 5, 2021. The first eight episodes are all available to stream now .

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