WandaVision Post-Credits Scene Teases Emotional Finale & Unexpected MCU Fight

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Tyler Hayward, Dead Vision, Wanda Maximoff

Warning - This article contains major spoilers for "Episode 8" of WandaVision .

WandaVision 's penultimate episode took a trip down memory lane, weaving through echoes of Wanda Maximoff's past to uncover the origins of her powers. Although fairly explanatory throughout, "Previously On" managed to combine its expository moments with introspective and character-driven drama.

Not only did fans get some insight into why Wanda created the Hex surrounding Westview, but Agatha Harkness' origins and intentions were also made a bit clearer .

Perhaps the biggest reveal from the episode, though, came in the closing moments, past the boundaries of the credits. Marvel is notorious for its post-credits sequences and "Episode 8" of WandaVision was no different.

With a 'new' character joining the fray, here's what this could mean for the grand finale of WandaVision...


SWORD base
Marvel Studios

The scene opens by at the temporary SWORD base outside of Wanda's Hex, catching up with director Tyler Hayward and his fellow agents. One of Hayward's operatives approaches, telling the director that they are "ready for launch."

Hayward enters a tent, and begins monologuing to Agent Rodriguez:

"We took this thing and put it back together again plenty of times. Tried every type of power supply under the sun, when all we needed was a little energy directly from the source."

The SWORD director directs his attention to the drone returned by Wanda, still emanating with red energy. After being told that they are ready to go, Hayward nods affirmably to push the plan forward.

Power flows up an ivory figure, the body starting to swell. The person is, of course, a reassembled Vision, now completely white. The reborn hero awakens, examining his hand now full of life.


Director Hayward
Marvel Studios

Director Hayward has some explaining to do. The head of SWORD previously claimed that the organization was dismantling Vision to prevent him from posing a threat to the rest of the world. It now seems that Hayward was much more interested in using the synthezoid for his own murky motivations. What better way to mitigate a threat than by bringing it over to your side?

SWORD is an abbreviation for the Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Division, so it seems that they responded to the sentient weapon by tampering with it rather than disposing of it. It is still unclear how long SWORD has been experimenting on Vision's body, as the organization would have presumably had five years to perform a whole host of tests and trials on the corpse.

So what could Director Hayward want to use this colorless Vision for? From manipulating footage to frame the Scarlet Witch to firing a missile at her, it is clear that Wanda is the sentient weapon that the director is concerned about.

Whether these worries are justified is a completely separate conversation. Hayward showed plenty of apprehension towards Wanda even during their first chronological encounter in "Previously On," fearful as to what she might do with Vision's body. Though the creation of Wanda's Hex is enough to warrant an armed response, it appears that the Scarlet Witch's powers were a cause for concern from the start.

Hayward seems to be hellbent on taking Wanda down, willing to resort to any means necessary. Whether this is simply adhering to the Sokovia Accords or if the head of SWORD has more sinister motivations is completely up for debate, but his insistence on taking her down seems to suggest that there is something more to his decisions. Whatever his reasoning, Director Hayward has a brand new toy to unleash on Westview.


Vision from SWORD
Marvel Studios

Not only has Vision suffered two deaths in the MCU, but he now uniquely holds the title for "Most Revivals" after having been resurrected three times. The recently-revived robot has received an all-new paint job, which ties directly back to the comics.

After being dismantled, Hank Pym rebuilds the Vision in an all-white ensemble. The character's emotions use the brain patterns of the character Simon Williams, who refuses to allow his mind to be used again. As a result, Vision returns without any emotions or feelings, being a husk of his former self. The synthezoid does eventually regain his ability to feel through trials and tribulations, using the brain patterns of others to patch up what was once lost.

Without the presence of the Mind Stone, a fragment of Vision's essence has been completely lost. On top of this, it is still unclear what remains inside Vision's head, as Bruce Banner describes the robot as being an amalgamation of various personalities:

Your mind is made up of a complex construct of overlays. Jarvis, Ultron, Tony, me, the Stone. All of them mixed together.

There could still be remnants of these influences occupying Vision's head rent-free, giving the character some sort of personality to latch onto. Ultron has been mentioned several times throughout the series, so perhaps this could be an opportunity to bring the mechanical villain back in a new form.

There is also something to be said about Wanda's influence on the character. Both Visions have now had the Scarlet Witch imprinted on them in some way, with Westview Vision being pieced together from what Wanda knew of her partner and White Vision being fueled by crimson energy from the Scarlet Witch.

This power source will undoubtedly make this new Vision a force to be reckoned with if Monica Rambeau is anything to go by, but perhaps it could also provide a backdoor for Wanda to turn him to her side.

However, it is more likely that this indicates that the new chalk-white incarnation will indeed be devoid of his emotions, not possessing what makes Vision, well, Vision. This is further implied by the synthezoid's reaction to his resurrection -- he has none. Though he seems somewhat confused and curious at the fact that he has returned, his expression remains as blank as his new costume.

This could make this new Vision the perfect tool to take Wanda down, being able to prey on her emotions without experiencing any himself. A showdown between the two could end in tragedy, but what could come out of an encounter between the two Visions?


 Vision from SWORD, Vision
Marvel Studios

Vision's fate has been up in the air from the start, with many worried that they will have to bid farewell to the lovable synthezoid by WandaVision 's end. But what if this isn't truly the end?

Wanda's version of the Vision has a fully-formed soul and personality, but is confined to Westview as a result of having no body to call his own. The colorless Vision may have the freedom to walk, jump, sit, phase, and fly wherever he so pleases with his rebuilt framework, yet he is presumably without a soul. This begs the question: could these two Visions be combined to form a whole?

In the comics, Vision has been able to build bodies to transfer his consciousness to, allowing him to maintain his mind in his new form.

Westview's Vision still retains his powers, so perhaps he could phase into the reformed body to gain a corporeal, tangible form. With Wanda's newfound identity as the Scarlet Witch, maybe she could use her strengthened magic to combine her robotic hubbies to build a better Vision.

There is also the possibility that a certain doctor could appear, considering WandaVision 's lead-in to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness . The Sorcerer Supreme knows a thing or two about astral projection, so perhaps this knowledge could come in handy when attaching a spirit to a body.

Alternatively, Scarlet Witch may be forced to lose her husband two more times, once in body and once in soul. But can't we give Wanda one nice thing for once?

Vision from SWORD, Vision
Marvel Studios


However this new Vision factors into the last episode, WandaVision is primed for a finale to remember. The white synthezoid should provide some narrative and dramatic tension at the very least, likely providing the big-budget action sequences that many fans have been waiting for.

The decision to bring back this Vision to the MCU does not seem to have been made lightly, so it will almost definitely factor into the finale in a big way. Many Marvel films fall into the trap of having an antagonist that possesses the same power set as the film's hero, but WandaVision 's decision to bring back Vision seems to be the first time that there will be an emotionally resonant reason behind doing so.

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