WandaVision Post-Credits Scene Teases Agatha Harkness' Backstory

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WandaVision Agatha Harkness

Warning — This article contains major spoilers for WandaVision .

The latest episode of WandaVision finally showed a long-anticipated and predicted reveal. Ever since Kathryn Hahn was revealed as Wanda's “nosy neighbor” at SDCC 2019, Marvel fans have been extremely suspicious of the character.

Even prior to the first episode it was speculated by fans that Agnes would be revealed as the Marvel Comics' classic witch character, Agatha Harkness . Since the character was first introduced in 1970, she has rarely appeared as a villain, having been a mentor to Wanda Maximoff and governess to the children of Reed and Sue Richards.

However, the MCU is seemingly poised to make substantial changes to the character as her introduction in the concluding moments of this week's episode appears to hint at her villainous moments. The viral "Agatha All Along" song revealed the witch's involvement in all the bad events so far and her murder of the dog Sparky.

So unless the character has a greater unrevealed agenda, it seems she will instead be used as an antagonist, potentially along with her elusive husband Ralph who is still yet to appear .

While little is known about Agatha's past, eagle-eyed WandaVision fans have noticed an Easter egg hidden in episodes 6 & 7 which may hint at her backstory.


In WandaVision 's '90s Halloween episode — during the scene in which Vision speaks to Agatha in her car — the newly revealed witch's vehicle is shown to have a Connecticut license plate.

Connecticut License Plate 90s
Marvel Studios

Additionally, in the latest — Modern Family -inspired — installment Agatha is seen to have a car in her driveway, once again showing a Connecticut plate. Naturally, these two cars are different and made to match the respective eras.

Connecticut License Plate 2000s
Marvel Studios


Harkness clearly didn't actually drive to the town of Westview, as the first shot in the "Agatha All Along" song shows the witch flying into Wanda's reality as it turns to black-and-white. However, the consistent use of license plates for the state may imply Connecticut as the original home of the character.

In Marvel Comics, Agatha Harkness is an ancient witch who formed a coven in the English colony of Salem, Massachusets in 1692. As happened to many women in real life and in the Marvel universe, Harkness and her coven were persecuted during the famous Salem Witch Trials .

Connecticut is also a part of the New England region of the United States in which the majority of the witch trials took place. While Salem is best known for its trials, the first set to happen in the U.S was in Connecticut — predating Salem by almost thirty years.

It's likely the next episode of WandaVision will further explore the witch's past, however, this could imply the MCU will make some changes to Harkness's comic origin story.

As always, the upcoming installment will premier this Friday, exclusively on Disney+.

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