WandaVision: Marvel Hides Devil Easter Egg In New Poster

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WandaVision devil

Warning — This article contains spoilers for WandaVision .

As WandaVision nears the halfway mark of its debut season, fans have been speculating pretty heavily on where the show will go next.

The first three episodes in the Disney+ series kept the focus on the classic sitcom-inspired tales, while the latest installment shifted focus over the SWORD's investigation of Wanda's mysterious sitcom world.

Because of this, there's been a notable absence of any clear antagonist in the show. But while the illusive identity of the series' main foe continues to be a mystery, many have speculated Marvel's devilish villain Mephisto will fill the role.

Wanda's nosy neighbor Agnes continues to make reference to her unseen husband Ralph, who many believe be revealed to be Mephisto, something the writers' have thus far refused to comment on . However, a tease in the newest WandaVision poster seems to add further fuel to the fire as it seemingly hides a devilish face.


The background of the new WandaVision poster shows what appears to be a standard household wallpaper at first glance. But upon further inspection, the new promo art could be hiding yet another Mephisto clue right near its center.

WandaVision Poster Devil
Marvel Studios

Some eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed the pattern of the wallpaper could include more than initially meets the eye. Marvel Studios is known for hiding clues throughout their work, but this seems like no coincidence.

WandaVision Poster Devil
Marvel Studios

Upon closer inspection, it seems as if this image could very well be a classic devil face, potentially signally Mephisto — Marvel's own devil.

WandaVision Poster Devil
Marvel Studios


Well, not really. If this is a coincidence, it's a particularly insane one.

The show has already highlighted the number six across every corner of these series as it continues to show hexagons in different places , possibly signally towards the devilish number '666'. At first glance this could just be considered a random design choice; however, this was even pointed out on a whiteboard in the SWORD operations room in WandaVision's latest episode .

Marvel loves to throw in little details throughout their properties that hint towards their direction. With all the teases, rumors, and constant speculation of WandaVision , it'll actually be a particularly insane twist if Mephisto doesn't pop up to wreak havoc for Wanda down the line.

The fifth episode of WandaVision will arrive this Friday, exclusively on Disney+. As of now only nine episodes have been confirmed, but recently listings have suggested an unannounced 10th episode could be on the way .

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