WandaVision's Episode 1 Ending Scene Explained: What It Means For the MCU

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WandaVision Vision and Wanda Maximoff

Warning — This article contains spoilers for WandaVision.

With the first two episodes of WandaVision now out in the wild, internet reactions are coming in thick and fast about the latest MCU project. With plenty of Easter eggs to parse through, like a new Marvel Studios opening and in-universe commercials referencing Tony Stark, there is a lot to digest from WandaVision's premiere.

While the majority of the WandaVision season premiere didn't boast too many shocking plot revelations, the end of the first episode has some interesting implications for the rest of the series and the MCU at large...


WandaVision Kiss

After acquiring some magical wedding rings, the final scene begins with Vision telling Wanda "and they lived happily ever after." The newly-wed couple share an impassioned kiss, to thunderous applause and cheers from the live studio audience. Mid-kiss, Vision presses a button on the television remote, ushering in the credits to appear.

One interesting thing to note in this moment is Vision's act of starting the credits himself. "Episode 1" seemed to indicate that the Scarlet Witch was in control of this reality, whether she knew it or not, demonstrated when Wanda has to tell Vision to help Mr. Heart when he is choking. 

This could demonstrate that Vision has some freewill or control over his own actions as well as how events transpire in Westview.


 WandaVision Credits

Following their kiss, Wanda and Vision look and smile to the camera as a hexagon highlights their faces. Stars twinkle as their names appear on screen, before a whole host of other names appear in the credits sequence. 

While most of the names don't seem to relate to anything in the MCU, one stands out: Abe Brown. Brown is a fellow student of Peter Parker's, who was also part of Midtown School of Science and Technology's decathlon team in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Although he isn't physically seen in WandaVision's first two episodes, his inclusion here could indicate that he may be an inhabitant of Westview.

If this is true, this could potentially suggest that these currently unknown names belong to the townspeople of Westview, listing the people trapped in this false reality. Alternatively, these individuals being given roles could mean that Wanda's reality actually has its own production crew entangled within the chaos. Future episodes are said to draw from Modern Family and The Office where a film crew is more prominent, so maybe their appearances could be reserved until then.


WandaVision Ending

As the camera pans out, a screen reveals that the events of WandaVision have been playing out as we, the viewers, have watched them. Does Disney+ exist in the MCU?

Probably not, but it is interesting that the sitcom-esque presentation is being displayed in universe exactly as it has to us. Perhaps this footage is being shown as a facade to mask what is truly happening to Wanda (and Vision).

This also raises the question as to how they are even receiving this feed to be able to watch the events unfold. Is Wanda, or a potential villain, transmitting this footage to them from her location? Is this all that can be seen wherever Wanda is being observed from?

It is also up in the air whether the moments where the sitcom illusion is broken is also presented on screen. Brief lapses in the reality of Westview infrequently occur throughout the episode, so it is unclear whether Wanda, or a nefarious villain, would want to present this to her observers or not.



So, who is watching this footage exactly -- well it's the secret organization SWORD. In the MCU, SWORD stands for Sentient Weapon Observation Response Division. This is shown by a few logos from the group, which appears on a monitor as well as the handbook of the individual watching the footage.

This suggests that the location could be the SWORD headquarters. From the trailers, SWORD seemed to mobilize itself to respond to whatever is happening with Wanda, so perhaps this is a mobile HQ that has moved to keep track of activity in the area. The person is taking notes and keeping readings of the events, so it is clear that SWORD is closely monitoring the situation.

With the organization responding to 'Sentient Weapons,' it seems as though Wanda could be marked as a threat. It is unclear how much the Sokovia Accords are in effect in the MCU's present day, but SWORD's move to handle the situation could suggest that some of this legislation is still valid.

It is unknown who the observer is, but the suit, and context from the episode, heavily indicates that it is Randall Park's Jimmy Woo. In the first two episodes, Woo can be heard calling out to Wanda to ask her "Who is doing this to you?" Jimmy Woo was last seen in Ant-Man and the Wasp, tasked with keeping tabs on Scott Lang for the FBI. It is unclear whether he survived the snap, but Woo seems to have gotten a big promotion in the meantime.

After closing their notebook, the individual picks up a device and presses it, causing a "Please Stand By" screen to appear before the real credits play. What this device actually does is unclear, whether it is a simple remote or if it serves a greater function.


Whatever is going on in Westview, it can't be good. The end of "Episode 1" confirms that SWORD is on the case, but who knows how long it will take for them to intervene? WandaVision seems to be maintaining its sitcom focus for the time being, so it will be interesting to seen when the series finally diverts into more of a sitcom-MCU-romp hybrid.

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