WandaVision Mid-Credits Scene: Captain Marvel & SWORD Connections Explained

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the final episode of WandaVision

WandaVision came to a close with its final installment debuting on March 5, providing the first fully released MCU Disney+ series to audiences all over the world.

The last episode in the show centered around the Scarlet Witch provided some much-needed insight into Wanda's current state and the nature of the town of Westview. And while it did leave some questions unanswered in typical Marvel fashion, the series also provided looks into how the series will affect the greater MCU.

The biggest inclusion in WandaVision that doesn't quite make sense after the show closed was Monica Rambeau's presence in Westview. After doing everything she could to get through to the Scarlet Witch as she controlled the town of Westview, WandaVision seemed to end without resolving why exactly Monica was there at all if not to help Wanda get back to reality.

That is, until the credits rolled. Additionally, in standard Marvel practice, the final episode in the series included a pair of post-credits scenes. The first of the two bonus sequences gave audiences a better idea of Monica Rambeau's future following the events of WandaVision when a mysterious officer approaches her.


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It's a simple exchange, but it's also quite telling.

Monica is approached by an unidentified detective or law enforcement agent of some sort who tells Monica that she's needed in the town's theater. Without asking who needs her or why, Monica follows. But once they arrive at the theater, she and the unknown agent are alone.

The agent then reveals herself to be a Skrull, and claims that she was sent to find her by an old friend of Monica's mother, Maria Rambeau. The Skrull still doesn't identify herself, but she tells Monica that the person who sent her would like to speak with her after hearing she had been "grounded" by SWORD.

When Monica asks where this person wants to meet, the Skrull simply points up to the sky, and a faint smile makes it through Monica's determined demeanor.


Monica Rambeau
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This most likely wasn't Monica's first encounter with a Skrull since initially meeting them in the mid-90s. She wasn’t necessarily shocked to see the Skrull reveal herself to her, possibly indicating that Rambeau is still somewhat accustomed to the alien race's shape-shifting presence on Earth.

But what's more interesting is that this isn't even the first time this has happened after the MCU credits roll. In fact, the last MCU project that dropped before WandaVision had a very similar reveal.

The credits for 2019's Spider-Man: Far From Home offered a familiar sequence as Talos and his wife Soren were revealed to be Skrulls impersonating Nick Fury and Maria Hill while the actual Fury was somewhere much farther away with another group of their alien race.

Oddly enough, this new scene from WandaVision also seems to mention Nick Fury. Although his name was not mentioned, the person who sent the Skrull to find Monica was a friend of Maria Rambeau, and this person would also have eyes and ears within SWORD to know Monica's current status as an operative. Plus, it's certainly not a coincidence that Fury would come knocking on Monica's door as soon as she gets her superpowers — a classic Nick Fury move that fans have seen a handful of times throughout his MCU tenure.

But to be more specific, Nick Fury told a young Monica Rambeau in 2019's Captain Marvel that she could join her Auntie Carol in the sky when she learned to "glow" like her. What a coincidence that someone up in the sky who sounds a lot like Nick Fury is looking for Monica as soon as she found her "glow?"

The Skrull telling Monica that this mystery friend of her mother's would like to meet with her instead of just saying he'd like to meet her also subtly implies that the two have already met before. Monica's grin at the end of the clip indicates that she knows who's looking for her, and that she's excited by the notion of going up to see him. There's only one thing that MCU fans have seen Monica get excited about prior to WandaVision , and that was the notion of traveling to space.

Now that Monica has seen SWORD in a new light following the events of WandaVision , perhaps joining Fury off-world has something to do with that. If SWORD is already becoming flawed like SHIELD once did, Fury may recognize this and want to act on it sooner rather than later. Who better than the selfless daughter of SWORD's founder to help him with that?


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Skrulls were already referenced in WandaVision long before the show's final episode debuted. In fact, SWORD does know about Skrulls, and Jimmy Woo even wrote their name on his whiteboard as a potential culprit while trying to figure out what was causing the Westview anomaly.

So far, MCU fans have only seen Skrulls as the good guys (after sorting out their differences with Captain Marvel back in the 90s, of course). However, Woo doesn't rule them out of the question when investigating Wanda's hex, indicating that they have a reason not to trust Skrulls.

It's also important to note that in the Far From Home post credits scene, Fury was on a large spacecraft with a bunch of Skrulls.

However, there weren't any Skrulls shown at the SWORD facitilty in WandaVision — not that we could tell, at least. Additionally, the Skrull that revealed herself to Monica had to do so in private, further suggesting that Fury and the Skrulls are operating outside of SWORD rather than within or even alongside it.

This also begs the question once again of how long Fury has been up in space. Plus, how would Monica know he's up there? Does Monica have any inside knowledge about what Fury is up to, and just wasn't asked to join him until now?

Despite this scene indicating that Monica is not currently in contact with Nick Fury, the Skrull telling her that he heard that she had been "grounded" makes it seem somewhat like Fury was willing to give Monica a job working for him earlier but her commitment to SWORD kept that from happening.


Monica Rambeau's powers
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Skrulls are being set up in big ways throughout the MCU, being referenced and shown in projects that have little-to-no connection to them at all.

If a Skrull so easily impersonated an unspecified officer in Westview without anyone questioning her presence, then Skrulls could quite literally be anywhere on Earth. In fact, who's to say all of them even left Earth back in 1995 when Carol Danvers promised she would help them find a new home?

It's entirely possible that in the near-thirty years since the events of Captain Marvel took place that some Skrulls decided that Earth was a good enough home for them and stuck around.

If Nick Fury is summoning Monica Rambeau following the events of WandaVision — which included the fallout of SWORD Director Tyler Hayward — then perhaps Fury needs Monica in order to keep his plans moving.

And again, it's not a coincidence that Monica also just got some sweet superpowers that audiences still don't know a lot about. If Captain Marvel is still off-world and unavailable as she seemed to be for much of Avengers: Endgame , Fury may see this as an opportunity to bring in a new asset of similar value to Carol Danvers.

This looks to be paving the way for Marvel Studios' upcoming project Secret Invasion to take form, which will heavily involve both Nick Fury and Talos the Skrull. If Monica is being recruited by Fury leading up to these events, then Monica could actually play a pivotal role in that series as well, and very well could be further catapulted into her starring role alongside Brie Larson in Captain Marvel 2 .

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