WandaVision Producer Promises Skrull Post-Credits Tease Only Gets Crazier

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WandaVision came to an end last week, but cast and crew still have plenty to share about the series and the future of its characters.

The finale episode's post-credit scenes have been a popular topic of discussion. The first shows the newly-super-powered Monica Rambeau speaking with a Skrull about "a friend of [Monica's] mother's" wanting to speak with her.

The other reveals that Wanda Maximoff has fled Westview to a remote, mountainous location. Viewers see the "real" Wanda peacefully contemplating her surroundings while making tea, while an astral projection of her Scarlet Witch form studies the Darkhold before hearing the voices of Billy and Tommy (thought to have disappeared as part of the Hex) cry out to her.

Thanks to an interview with a WandaVision producer, fans have been given some new insight into these scenes.


In a new Entertainment Tonight interview, WandaVision executive producer Mary Livanos teased what both of the finale's post-credits scenes mean for the MCU's future. Speaking on the first one, she revealed that the scene was shot during the COVID-19 pandemic on the final day of filming and that a "crazy Captain Marvel universe [is] in store:."

"It's not Monica's first interaction with a Skrull. Just [Teyonah Parrris's]. It was so cool to see Teyonah interact with her Skrull counterpart, just knowing the crazy Captain Marvel universe that's in store. There's just so much more zany that it's going to get, it's fun to think about."

Regarding the second post-credits scene of the finale, Livanos commented on the "powerful presence" of Elizabeth Olsen:

"Lizzie is such a powerful presence that it was just so cool to see her step into that whole magic realm. To think about the potential and all that lies ahead for her, it's pretty staggering."


Fans already know the Skrulls will return in the upcoming Secret Invasion series and that Monica will be a major part of Captain Marvel 2 , so the WandaVision finale's first post-credits fueled speculation whether the two projects would be directly connected to each other.

These comments from Livanos - who will also serve as executive producer on Captain Marvel 2 - imply that they will, reminding everyone that Monica has had Skrull interactions in the past (as seen in Captain Marvel ) and indicating that more may happen in the future. Monica may show up in Secret Invasion , and the Skrulls may appear in Captain Marvel 2 .

Livanos commenting on the second post-credits scene and describing Wanda's future as "staggering" to think about indicates that she may be a leading player in the MCU moving forward. So far, the character has only been confirmed to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness , but there seems to be a lot of ground to cover in terms of her powers and what she might do with them. One movie - especially one that isn't even her own - doesn't seem like a lot of time to dedicate to this, so it's likely Wanda's MCU journey will continue beyond Phase 4.

All nine episodes of WandaVision are now available to stream on Disney+, and Marvel Studios' Assembled: The Making of WandaVision will be available on the service starting March 12.

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