WandaVision Includes Multiple Mephisto Easter Eggs In New Episode

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Warning - This article contains major spoilers for WandaVision.

"Episode 7 - Breaking the Fourth Wall" of WandaVision is finally available to stream on Disney+ . The latest short story in this insane series not only inserted fans into the most recent of the six eras of sitcom history WandaVision planned to explore , but it also gave the most glaring example of the central hero losing control of what she's done.

Even though this episode may have been the slightest of low points in the season overall, it brought more big reveals in one sitting than in almost any outing over the past six weeks. Over the course of one 38-minute episode , fans saw everything from Monica Rambeau gaining her Photon-inspired superpowers to Agnes revealing herself as the villainous Agatha Harkness, which theories have pointed to for weeks .

In that same villainous light, her house/lair holds quite the interesting design within it (other than the classic look of a witch's domicile).


In "Episode 7" of WandaVision , multiple images of horned devil-like images can be seen throughout the scenery, likely paying tribute to the classic Marvel villain, Mephisto.

When Wanda first walks into Agatha Harkness' basement looking for Billy and Tommy, a "decoration" depicting a horned figure can be seen on a column.

Marvel Studios' WandaVison

This image likely pays tribute to the Marvel Comics villain Mephisto, who is often seen as an interpretation of the devil.

Marvel Studios' WandaVision

This wasn't the only Mephisto nod in "Breaking the Fourth Wall." A bit earlier in the episode, as Wanda is sitting on the couch in Agnes' living room, she notices a fly on the curtain.

WandaVision Fly
Marvel Studios' WandaVision

Interestingly, Mephisto's first appearance in Marvel Comics was as a fly. Is Mephisto keeping watch on Wanda in this insect form?

 WandaVision Fly
Marvel Studios' WandaVision

Two weeks ago, Marvel Studios released a poster preceding "Episode 5" of WandaVision that included a small look at a Mephisto-inspired drawing as well, one that looks quite similar to the figure on the column in Agatha Harkness' basement. It can be seen between Vision and Agnes below:

Marvel Studios' WandaVision

This isn't the first time Marvel Studios has paid tribute to Mephisto. In the debut trailer for Loki that came out during Disney Investor Day , a similar-looking horned character can be seen on a stained-glass window behind Owen Wilson's Mobius M. Mobius:

Marvel Studios' Loki


Considering how often images like this are popping up in Phase 4's on-screen action and previews alike, Mephisto feels inevitable as the Marvel Cinematic Universe moves forward.

Classically used as a Ghost Rider villain in the pages of Marvel Comics, Mephisto is one of the most powerful villains in Marvel history with all the powers of the Underworld at his disposal. Thus far, he's only been referenced in Easter eggs like the ones mentioned previously; however, with so many clear nods to his existence, it's clear that Marvel Studios plans on using him sooner or later.

He could very well end up playing a role in projects like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness or Loki , but fans know that Marvel Studios has more projects up their sleeve than what's been revealed yet.

No matter when the red-horned monster shows up, he will make his presence felt on the MCU and its future. But, after last night, that debut may come in full faster than originally expected.

For now, these Mephisto Easter Eggs can be seen in "Episode 7" of WandaVision , which is now available to stream on Disney+.

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