WandaVision: Spoilery Image From Final Episode Shows Agatha Harkness Using Magic

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for WandaVision .

Marvel fans are waiting with bated breath as WandaVision approaches its climactic finale episode, set to release on Disney+ this coming Friday.

Little is known about the exact nature of the episode but the cast and crew have promised epic battles and plenty of surprises . With Wanda set to make an appearance in the multiverse-centered Doctor Strange sequel next year , it's safe to say the final episode will have a lot going on.

The latest episode in Westview left fans on an epic cliffhanger with the newly-revealed witch Agatha Harkness having taken Wanda's children hostage after a trip through the Sokovian Avenger's dark past.

Marvel has kept their cards close to their chest through the series, revealing very little about each upcoming episode. With this, every shard of information about the direction of the show is very exciting — something which again has been revealed prematurely, this time in the form of a new piece of merchandise.


An officially licensed WandaVision T-Shirt listed on Amazon has revealed a new look at Kathryn Hahn's Agatha Harkness in action in a previously unseen image, presumably from the finale episode for the Disney+ show.

WandaVision Finale T-Shirt

The shirt shows Agatha on the streets of Westview in the same attire as the concluding moments of the latest WandaVision episode, indicating that this image comes from the opening moments of the series finale.

The Salem witch is shown to be casting a spell on the same street that the eighth episode concluded, indicating Wanda and Agatha will face-off early on in this Friday's final installment of the show.

WandaVision Finale Image
Marvel Studios


Merchandise such as this typically has to be prepared in advance of the release of an episode to ensure it's ready to capitalize on the piqued interest. This means that leaks such as this are relatively common across TV and film.

The shot interestingly confirms the two witches — Wanda and Agatha — could be facing off extremely early on in the episode, potentially meaning a bigger threat is on the horizon that will become the focus as the finale progresses.

Agatha (formerly Agnes) has frequently mentioned her elusive husband Ralph throughout the series, despite his lack of appearance. Many have speculated Ralph could secretly be the devilish Mephisto, a villain who would be a perfect fit for a greater evil in the small town . The season finale is already set to be quite action-packed as Harkness is in possession of Wanda's children and S.W.O.R.D's new Vision is ready to cause trouble for Wanda's new hometown of Westview.

The WandaVision finale is sure to have a lot going on with a secret cameo , huge battles , and set up for Wanda's involvement in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel . The episode will premier this Friday, March 5 exclusively on Disney+.

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