WandaVision Leak Reveals New Image of Elizabeth Olsen & Kathryn Hahn In Next Episode

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This article contains spoilers for "Episode 8" of WandaVision .

The dramatic conclusion of WandaVision 's seventh episode saw nosy neighbor - played by Kathryn Hahn - reveal herself to Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda as the Marvel Comics witch, Agatha Harkness . Fans have no idea what to expect from this Friday's penultimate episode as Marvel has kept their cards close to the chest all the way through the show's run.

Possibly the most speculated element of the final episodes is the identity of the surprise cameo the cast has been teasing since early in the series . The appearance has been compared to Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian and the actor has been described as someone Vision actor Paul Bettany has always wanted to work with .

As the show gets close to the end it's unlikely much will be released in the way of official images and footage from the remaining episodes to maintain the surprise. However, fans looking for it can get a preview a little earlier than expected as an image has surfaced online from the upcoming episode that offers some minor — largely spoiler-free — clues to the direction of the story.


A leaked image from WandaVision's upcoming "Episode 8" - one that will be used as a title card on Disney+ - has provided a look at Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda and Kathryn Hahn's Agnes in what is most likely the opening moments of the episode.

Eagle-eyed fans will notice the two are still wearing the same clothes as the recent Modern Family -themed episode. This is a first for the show as each new installment typically sees a jump in era and style, but it seems the series will remain in the modern-day for the series' climactic conclusion.

The image appears to place Wanda in Agatha's house, generally not appearing awfully hostile to her despite the concluding moments of the last episode. It appears as if the Sokovian Avengers could be under Harkness' control in the tiny look shown here.


A large portion of the fan base predicted the reveal of Agnes' mystical alter-ego, however, for Wanda the moment clearly proved to be one of great surprise.

Reports have stated this could be the longest episode of the series yet and many are predicting we may delve into the origins of Westview through a series of flashbacks. Harkness placing the lead character into a trance could be an interesting way to explore the time before the cameras started rolling, telling both characters stories.

Historically in the comics, Agatha isn't so much a villain but more of a mentor to Wanda, so it'd be odd for the MCU to take such a huge flip on the character. Throughout the series, the titular hero hasn't seemed to be quite aware of the consequences of her actions a lot of the time, so Agatha could be the one to help Wanda set it right.

During the series, the hero has gone through the stages of grief for the loss of Vision going through denial, anger, bargaining, depression, now leaving Wanda to accept the loss in the concluding episodes of the series.

It's not long now before fans get the answers they've been waiting for as WandaVision will debut its penultimate episode on Disney+ this Friday.

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