Marvel's WandaVision Easter Egg Hints at Salem Witch Trials

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Warning — This article contains spoilers for WandaVision.

The world has only had WandaVision for one day, and it's already been dissected and analyzed by seemingly every Marvel fan in existence!

As Marvel Studios kicks off Phase 4 with its first venture into episodic storytelling on Disney+, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive seeing the Scarlet Witch and Vision back in action together. The first two episodes highlight the couples' lives surrounded by the lifestyles of the 1950s and 60s, while teasing a Marvel adventure that appears to be completely unpredictable.

The Easter Egg hunt is in full swing , with fans and media alike searching far and wide for the usual slew of teases and nods to Marvel Comics' history (all of them highlighted here at The Direct ). Another interesting clue has just been found which ties back to possibly WandaVision's most mysterious new character.


As pointed out by Twitter user Mitch692 , Kathryn Hahn's Agnes mentions in Episode 1 of WandaVision that her anniversary date with her husband, Ralph, falls on June 2.

Agnes and Wanda, WandaVision

When Agnes and Wanda are discussing Wanda & Vision's special day, Agnes declares: "Lucky gal, the only way Ralph would remember our anniversary is if there was a beer named June 2nd."

In real life, June 2nd, 1692 was the date on which the Salem Witch Trials started.


Rumors have circulated for months on who Agnes' character could really turn out to be, and this fun detail may yet prove to be another indication of where her arc is going.

The Salem Witch Trials are an integral part of US history as the annals recount the people of Salem, Massachusetts hanging and burning women at the stake who were believed to be practicing witchcraft. June 2 marks the first date on which a woman was tried and convicted of being a witch. Agnes mentioning this date as her anniversary could potentially mean some major reveals coming through the course of this series.

A report from July 2020 revealed that stunt actress Nicole Reddinger had been included as a stunt double in WandaVision , performing stunts for a "witch coven member." It's still unknown if or when this event will come into play, but it's becoming clearer that witchcraft will play an important role in the show's story.

Not only will Scarlet Witch's powers be more fully realized over the next few weeks, Agnes already appears to be on her way to evolving into the MCU's Agatha Harkness. This character has often been depicted as one of the original witches from the Salem Witch Trials in Marvel Comics, which could very well mean that WandaVision will lift this story almost directly from the pages of its source material.

These events will all unfold over the next few weeks in WandaVision . The show's first two episodes are available to stream now on Disney+.

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