The Mandalorian Season 3: Din Djarin Actor Teases More No-Helmet Scenes

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The Mandalorian logo, Pedro Pascal as Din Djarin with no helmet

With The Mandalorian 's second season having officially come to a close, Star Wars fans are looking to the future for the hit Disney+ series. With a Season 3 officially on the way, audiences everywhere are now waiting for the series' expected release window of 2022.

The Book of Boba Fett will be the next Star Wars show to hit Disney+, which has the potential to cross ove r with other upcoming series like Ahsoka and Rangers of the New Republic .

In the meantime, fans have a chance to look back at all the exciting and surprising moments from the show's sophomore season, particularly the shocking removal of Din Djarin's helmet. Mando chose to remove his helmet twice during Season 2, once during an act of desperation to access Imperial files and again when deciding to take a look at The Child with his own eyes.

The series' star Pedro Pascal has now commented on Din's decision, and the potential implications for the character in the future...


In an interview with IndieWire , The Mandalorian 's Pedro Pascal opened up about the possibility of more scenes without his helmet in the upcoming third season.

Pascal teased that Din Djarin may have the capacity to open his mind to other beliefs, suggesting that “as much as [Din] says this is the way, that doesn’t mean this is the only way.”

The Mandalorian actor noted the "fascinating" nature of experimenting with this idea, saying that Din's future is completely up in the air after feeling comfortable removing his helmet in front of others:

“I find it fascinating playing with that. We don’t know what he ends up being. He took his helmet off in a room full of people.”


In Season 2, Din Djarin certainly made strides in overcoming the burden of his belief system. While Din strictly believed that the Mandalorian helmet stays on during day-to-day bounty hunting business at first, his relationship with Grogu tested what was most important to him. Ultimately, Mando has now been able to remove his helmet, reflecting his change of heart over the course of the series.

Whether the Mandalorian will choose to remain helmetless for the entirety of Season 3 remains to be seen. Din decided to take off his helmet during seminal moments throughout the series, so it is unlikely that he has built up enough courage to freely take it off with Bo-Katan and her crew just yet.

However, it is indeed possible that Mando will continue to experiment with keeping his helmet off, challenging his pre-existing notions to lead a better, more freeing life. Therefore, it is more than likely that additional scenes are on the cards where Pedro Pascal's face is visible. Pascal proved that he was just as capable performing without Din's most important piece of Beskar gear, so the third season should give him more opportunities to flex his acting chops.

More of a helmetless Din Djarin can be expected when The Mandalorian hopefully returns for its third season sometime in 2022 .

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