Pedro Pascal's Face Was Meant to Appear In The Mandalorian Season 3 Finale (Rumor)

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The Mandalorian Pedro Pascal

A new rumor from an industry insider seemingly revealed that Pedro Pascal's face was originally going to appear in The Mandalorian's recent season finale, but certain circumstances kept it from happening.

Many fans shared mixed feelings about the most recent season of the hit Star Wars Disney+ series.

Part of that reaction was due to the spotlight shifting from Din Djarin to Bo-Katan Kryze. Some felt it very quickly became a show about her, instead of the person viewers had followed for two seasons.

There was also a character choice early on in the season that made audiences scratch their heads. Instead of taking the step towards a helmet-less future, Djarin stood his ground and worked even harder to get back into the 24/7 helmet club.

It turns out that at one point and time, he would've broken his creed once again by the end of the season.

Pedro Pascal Almost Showed His Face

Mandalorian Pedro Pascal
Star Wars

While speaking on The Hot Mic podcast, industry insider Jeff Sneider revealed that at one point and time, The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal was originally going to show his face in the recent finale.

According to Sneider, Pascal's face wasn't seen due to "a scheduling thing," thanks to The Last of Us being "in first position for him:"

"Regarding 'The Mandalorian' and Pedro Pascal... I'm told that Pedro Pascal's [face] not being in 'The Mandalorian' was a scheduling thing... He wasn't seen in 'The Mandalorian' finale. That was simply a matter of scheduling with 'The Last of Us', which is in first position for him. He was on set for a couple of episodes this past season..."

For reference, production for The Last of Us season one began filming in July 2021 and went to June 2022. Likewise, the Mandalorian's third season started rolling cameras in October 2021 and didn't finish until late March 2022.

For the entire time that the Star Wars series was in production, Pascal would have had his hands full in Alberta, Canada, bringing to life the hit PlayStation game series for HBO Max.

Pedro Pascal's Future as The Mandalorian

While it seems by the end of Season 3, Mando is set in his usual helmeted ways, the storyline will almost certainly find a reason for him to falter in that regard by the time Dave Filoni's big crossover event happens.

Whenever that does happen, the writers will certainly need to exercise some storytelling maneuvering to achieve it.  Din Djarin's whole journey in Season 3 was about him making up for his unmasking in the second season and recommitting to the way.

Maybe his adventures with Din Grogu in the show's upcoming fourth season will see the titular bounty hunter realize that "The Way" might not be the correct path for his new child. This could cause him to realize how it might not be his either, despite going out of his way to make it up to The Armorer and the rest of their people.

The simple truth is also Pedro Pascal is a big name—he's a star.  With his name attached to such a large project, and franchise, it's understandable that he'd want to actually be seen onscreen more often.

Hopefully, Jon Favreau and his fellow creative team will be able to find a way to get to this point naturally down the line.

Perhaps The Last of Us' second won't need him nearly as much.

All three seasons of The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+.

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