Moon Knight: Disney+ Series Rumored For Spring-Summer 2022 Premiere

By Richard Nebens Posted:
Oscar Isaac, Moon Knight

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is going into 2021 with an absolutely jam-packed release schedule where nearly every week of the year will bring a new piece of content from Phase 4. After six unique shows premiere on Disney+ and four blockbuster movies come to theaters this year, 2022 will be even fuller with as many as six shows and six movies.

With so many of these projects having only just started production or still in pre-production, the official release schedule is still fairly flexible for next year, especially in terms of the Disney+ shows. Shortly after Disney Investor Day in December 2020, Disney Studios seemed to confirm the official order in which the shows will release on Disney+, although no specific dates were included in this release.

Now, if one rumor is to be believed, some clarity could be coming for one of these series that has already gained a ton of buzz.


In a new release on Twitter, THE RONIN editor-in-chief Christopher Marc reveals that he's hearing that Marvel Studios is aiming for a spring/summer 2022 timeframe for Moon Knight's release on Disney+. Marc notes that the series' release "all depends on production starting and completing as scheduled."

Currently, Moon Knight is set to begin shooting in Budapest in March 2021.


Should this release timeframe turn out to be true, it makes plenty of sense considering the timeline laid out for production so far - MCU shows like Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye will be seeing roughly a 12-month turnaround time between starting production and releasing on Disney+, and Moon Knight would look to follow suit after its March 2021 filming start.

Moon Knight is listed as the second confirmed Disney+ series to release within the MCU in 2022 after Tatiana Maslany's She-Hulk , which is set to begin production in February 2021. Oscar Isaac's solo series will also likely precede the release of Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi's Thor: Love and Thunder releasing in theaters on May 6, 2022.

This new series will likely be at least six episodes long, just like its MCU counterparts. Should this remain the case, it would seem to make sense for Marvel to have the entire series release either before or after Thor: Love and Thunder to make sure fans can fully digest both projects. This would place the release for Moon Knight either in mid-March or sometime in May 2022 or later

No matter when the series ends up airing, the hype and anticipation will be building up for it throughout this entire year for Moon Knight .

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