Moon Knight Season 2 Release Rumored for BEFORE Major Avengers Movie

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While Moon Knight Season 2 is still unconfirmed for Disney+, rumor has it that the series will return before one of the next two Avengers movies in Phase 6 of the MCU.

Out of all the Disney+ series that have premiered or have been announced thus far, almost none of them are as uncertain as Moon Knight in terms of continuing into future seasons. Star Oscar Isaac even denied the rumor that Season 2 of Moon Knight was in development in a recent interview on the topic, even though he's had "some specific conversations" about where he wants Marc Spector to go in future seasons.

Although its stars and crew have denied that Season 2 is in the cards, rumors have pointed to Marc Spector's story continuing before too long, simply noting that the next six episodes are already on the table.

Now, a new report may give fans their clearest picture yet of when to expect this powerful hero to come back into the story as the Multiverse Saga continues.

When Will Moon Knight Season 2 Get Released?

Moon Knight Season 2

According to a new rumor from the Marvel Studios Spoilers Reddit page, Moon Knight Season 2 will arrive on Disney+ sometime before Avengers: Secret Wars comes to theaters.

In October 2022, Avengers 6 had its release date delayed to May 1, 2026, currently making it the final movie of Phase 6 and the only confirmed MCU release of that year.

Will Moon Knight Season 2 Be In Phase 6?

Having Moon Knight Season 2 hit Disney+ before Avengers 6 would almost certainly mean that it will be part of Phase 6, which doesn't currently have any Disney+ shows confirmed during that timeframe - even though fans are theorizing on that front already. Currently, the only other project besides Avengers 6 scheduled for that Phase is 2025's Fantastic Four, although as Phase 5 gets started, more news will become public on the Phase 6 side of things as well.

Should Season 2 of Moon Knight be set to arrive before Avengers 6, the latest it could release would most likely be in Spring 2026, meaning it would go into production no later than early 2025. That still leaves more than two years for the next set of episodes to go into production, although that still leaves the question of when Marvel can get a hold of Oscar Isaac with his busy schedule.

The last fans saw of Moon Knight, the hero's third alter, Jake Lockley, was unveiled for the first time in Episode 6's post-credits scene as he seemingly shot Arthur Harrow in his limousine. 

How his story continues before the next Avengers movie releases is still a mystery, although fans are certainly hoping that he'll join Earth's Mightiest Heroes for the biggest event in MCU history once Secret Wars becomes a reality.

Moon Knight Season 1 is available to stream on Disney+.

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