Moon Knight Season 2: Disney+ Hints at Returning Characters With New Survey

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While Marvel Studios looks to its future with Phase 4 and beyond, the MCU's most recent Disney+ release, Moon Knight, is still at the center of discussions regarding the franchise's top outings. Oscar Isaac brought three different characters to the small screen with the first glimpse into ancient Egyptian mythology, adding the MCU's first new leading character to debut in a streaming series.

Now, the biggest question concerning Moon Knight is where exactly he will see his story continue in future projects. This could be Isaac joining up with other MCU heroes in a future Avengers project or even something centered on the Midnight Suns, either way, fans are certainly hoping that his own solo series is renewed for a second season on Disney+.

Although nothing is confirmed regarding Moon Knight Season 2 like there is for shows like Loki and What If...?, a post on Marvel Studios' Twitter page teased that new episodes aren't out of the question sometime in the near future. Additionally, reports of a new internal survey have given a hint of which characters from Season 1 to expect back in another round of storytelling.

Who Could Appear in Moon Knight Season 2?

Moon Knight Finale Poster

Anthony Flagg of The Cosmic Circus revealed information from a survey sent out to select Disney+ subscribers regarding the future of multiple characters from Marvel Studios' Moon Knight.

The characters listed in this survey, in the following order, were the Egyptian Gods' human avatars, Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, Donna, Marc Spector, The Living Statue (Crawley), Taweret, Layla El-Faouly, and Mr. Knight. Additionally, Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow was mentioned in the options for a question that asked, "Thinking specifically about the following characters featured in the first season of Moon Knight, what do you hope will happen to them if there was a second season of Moon Knight or in future shows/movies from Marvel Studios?"

The survey included these additional questions regarding Moon Knight's first season and what should happen with a potential second season:

  1. “How would you rate the pace of this season of Moon Knight? Would you say it…”
  2. “How interested are you in watching a second season of Moon Knight?”
  3. “How interested are you in seeing each of these characters for Moon Knight in future shows/movies from Marvel Studios?”
  4. “If there was a second season of Moon Knight, please tell us what you’d like to see more of or have future episodes focus on.

How Moon Knight Return In the MCU?

Looking at this list of characters, it's no surprise to see almost every key player from Season 1 of Moon Knight in the running for a possible comeback in Season 2. With Marc Spector and all of his personalities appearing on this list, he'll be in for a thrilling new run of episodes should the show be renewed, especially considering that fateful Jake Lockley introduction at the end of Episode 6.

Layla and Tawaret are also a welcome sight on this list after May Camalawy's character went full superhero and became the Scarlet Scarab in the Season 1 finale. Considering her new status and Taweret's impact on the back half of the season, it would seemingly be a mistake for neither of them to return to the fold for future adventures.

The biggest omission on this list is Khonshu, although his status is very much up in the air after the post-credits scene from Episode 6. While he let Marc Spector and Steven Grant out of their agreement with him, he now seems firmly attached to Marc's Jake Lockley persona, which should mean he's not going away anytime soon thanks to his ties to the original personality in Marc.

No matter how all these characters play into a potential Season 2, nothing has been confirmed on that front by Marvel Studios just yet.

Season 1 of Moon Knight is now streaming in its entirety on Disney+.

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