New Moon Knight Promo Images Tease Egyptian Themes of Disney+ Show

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Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac

After Marvel Studios' most jam-packed year ever in 2021, the MCU will kick off its efforts in 2022 with Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight on Disney+. Taking a deep dive into ancient Egyptian mythology, Moon Knight will bring a new flavor of action and drama into the franchise's expanding efforts in the streaming world. Those Egyptian themes will come with thrilling new visuals and another layer of depth to the MCU's narrative.

After only one trailer for Moon Knight, hype is building to incredible levels with that first look earning more positive reception than any MCU Disney+ trailer to date. With a first full look at Isaac's mystical costume along with teases for Ethan Hawke's mysterious villain, Marvel Studios' next streaming entry has a chance to make an impact in various ways upon its arrival.

Part of what will add to that impact is the overarching Egyptian motifs that Isaac's Marc Spector will explore on his journey to becoming the MCU's next leading hero.

As the series inches closer to its March 30 release date, new merchandise is focusing on those mythological themes in more detail.

Moon Knight Promo Art Teases Egyptian Themes

Amazon revealed looks at two new pieces of Moon Knight promotional art on shirts now available for purchase.

A women's t-shirt features a full-frontal look at Oscar Isaac's leading hero fully suited up in his Moon Knight costume. Below his bust is a gold Egyptian scarab while a circle surrounds him with Egyptian hieroglyphics around his head.

Moon Knight Promo Art

Also on sale is a long-sleeved t-shirt with a Moon Knight title card and a look at Marc Spector jumping into action. In the middle of two crescent moons, Moon Knight's cape resembles a set of wings on his back as he's surrounded by a golden hue.

Moon Knight Promo Art


Egyptian Themes Pushing Moon Knight's Narrative

While Moon Knight is largely seen as one of Marvel's street-level heroes, the mythology of Ancient Egypt could play an even bigger role in his MCU debut. These two pieces of promo art only reinforce that idea with hieroglyphics and symbols that heavily highlight the hero's mythical origin story.

Part of the series is directed by Mohamed Diab, a native Egyptian who will inject his heritage into the story that Moon Knight will tell with Isaac leading the way.

Marc Spector gets his powers and superhero persona thanks to the Egyptian Marvel god Khonshu, which should come into play once fans see Marc rediscover his true personality. While the specifics behind the mix of street-level action and Egyptian mythology are unclear, the mystical side is sure to make its presence felt once Marc fully takes on the Moon Knight persona.

With only a couple of months until the series releases on Disney+, this promo art should be just the start for what could be one of the MCU's most intriguing stories to date.

Moon Knight will debut on Disney+ on March 30, 2022.

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