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Moon Knight Disney+: Oscar Isaac Teases Groundbreaking Elements of Marvel Show

Moon Knight Show Oscar Isaac
By Richard Nebens

After Marvel Studios finishes 2021 with three more thrilling entries, the following 12 months are set to deliver even more groundbreaking content for MCU fans. While it still stands without a set release date, 2022 will bring Marvel’s first take on Moon Knight with the hero’s own solo show on Disney+.

Marc Spector will be a new kind of hero for the MCU in numerous ways as he becomes the franchise’s first Jewish character and will likely deliver one of the narrative’s darker entries to date. 

On top of his religious heritage and battle with Dissociative Identity Disorder, Moon Knight also has the chance to bring one of the MCU’s most exciting new costumes to the party upon arrival. While it reportedly won’t be pure white as it was in the comics, it will look to capture the essence of its mythological Egyptian origins on many levels.

In a recent chat with the show’s leading man, Oscar Isaac teased his experience putting that costume on along with what to expect from his MCU debut.

Oscar Isaac Hypes Up Moon Knight

Moon Knight

Moon Knight leading actor Oscar Isaac spoke with Screen Rant on his expectations for the series and how it felt to suit up as the Marvel hero.

While he didn’t reveal any details about the plot or his character, he used the word “groundbreaking” when giving an idea of what’s coming next year:

"The whole thing is... What I can say is it's gonna be... It's gonna be a groundbreaking show."

Looking back at his first time wearing the Moon Knight costume, Isaac again couldn’t say much other than that “it felt right” to wear it in the series. He seemed anxious to share more information on the matter when the time comes:

"It felt right. It felt absolutely right. That's all I could say about it right now.”

Groundbreaking Elements to Moon Knight

Moon Knight has a chance to be one of Marvel Studios’ more unique entries to date, especially with introducing a brand-new hero, and it appears that Isaac and the team are well on their way to that goal.

Although Isaac did his job at keeping Marvel’s usual round of secrets, his quotes did enough to continue the hype train for Marc Spector’s long-awaited arrival. Continuing Phase 4’s trend of exploring the human psyche and the emotions that come with that, this hero has the chance to truly look into the struggles of the human brain while also delivering a hero with true demons in his past.

Couple that with an expectation for top-notch action sequences and fighting skills, and the recipe is there for a special MCU origin story.

As for the costume, Isaac’s genuine thrill from wearing it should only help get fans pumped to see it in live-action for the first time. The combination of the cape, mask, and glowing moon should fit right in with Phase 4’s expanding catalog of great new costumes.

Moon Knight is currently filming and will release on Disney+ sometime in 2022.