Marvel Reveals Best Look Yet at Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight Costume

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Oscar Isaac Moon Knight MCU

Moon Knight is one of the upcoming Marvel series slated for Disney+ in 2022. The series will showcase the debut of Oscar Isaac as the titular MCU hero, and it is directed by Mohamed Diab with a script written by Umbrella Academy scribe Jeremy Slater. Moon Knight follows the origin story of a former mercenary named Marc Spector, as he transitions into a man who becomes the host of a moon god known as Khonshu.

The show has been confirmed to have six episodes, which is similar to many other entries for the MCU's small screen slate. The exact plot details are still being kept under wraps, but it was already confirmed that it will tackle Marc Spector's dissociative identity disorder. This means that Spector's different identities will likely be explored, such as Jake Lockley and Mister Knight. 

The first official look at Moon Knight was unveiled during Disney+ Day, showing a sneak peek at Isaac's take on the dangerous yet exciting Marvel hero. Even though Disney+ Day offered a peek at what's in store for Moon Knight, the show's official marketing push has yet to begin. 

Moon Knight's release date is one of the main topics of discussion among Marvel fans, mainly because the studio has yet to unveil its official lineup of shows for the calendar year. And now, the debate has been laid to rest as new information about Oscar Isaac's MCU hero has been revealed.

Moon Knight's MCU Suit Revealed

Hulu officially unveiled a brand new teaser for Moon Knight, showcasing a fresh look at Oscar Isaac's Marvel hero. 

In the video, the first official look at Moon Knight's costume was also revealed: 

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight

The 15-second TV spot also gives a preview of how Marc Spector transforms into Moon Knight: 

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight


Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight Shines in New Teaser 

This latest teaser offers the best look yet at Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight costume, and it is consistent with the leak that emerged in the past months. Based on what's been revealed, it looks like the Moon Knight costume is similar to the comics, serving as a faithful depiction of the character in live-action.  

The costume showcases the pointed hood and the character's cape, in addition to a reinterpreted Moon symbol that has been apparent in the hero's adventures in the comics. 

There's a chance that the costume will evolve, mainly because this is Isaac's first MCU adventure. The hero's white-colored suit also allows Marc Spector to put his enemies on notice, thus making them aware that he is coming to spell trouble for them. 

It remains to be seen if this all-white costume will be the only costume of Isaac's Marvel hero in the series. Given that the character has many identities in the comics, it's possible that more super suits will be unveiled, giving fans a chance to see more of Marc Spector's design. 

Moon Knight is set to premiere on Disney+ sometime in 2022.

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