Moon Knight Star Reveals How the Disney+ Show Borrows From Iron Man

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Moon Knight, Iron Man

Moon Knight is set to introduce a new and complex character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The upcoming Marvel series will showcase Oscar Isaac's debut as the titular hero, a former mercenary who is given powers by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. Moon Knight will go up against Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow in the series while also dealing with the character's dissociate identity disorder. 

In the comics, Moon Knight's main alter ego is Marc Spector, the aforementioned former mercenary. However, the show's first trailer confirmed that the focus would be on Steven Grant, a mild-mannered gift shop employee living in London who is haunted by blackouts and unusual memory loss. 

Aside from Spector and Grant, the series is also expected to highlight the character's other personalities, such as Jake Lockley (a cab driver in New York), Mr. Knight (the detective), and Moon Knight himself. 

Now, ahead of its March debut, Isaac has opened up about exploring these different personalities in Moon Knight during a new interview.

Oscar Isaac Teases Moon Knight's 'Complexity'

Moon Knight

Moon Knight lead star Oscar Isaac sat down with Empire to talk about what makes the upcoming Disney+ series stand out from the rest of the MCU's projects. 

Isaac first shared that he was "desperate" to do a deep dive into "handmade films [and] character studies," pointing out that Moon Knight is the project that fits the best of both worlds: 

“Often on these big movies, it can feel like you’re building the plane on the runway. The idea of getting back to ‘handmade’ films, character studies… I was desperate for that feeling. [Moon Knight] felt 'handmade.'"

The Star Wars sequel trilogy actor then indicated that the upcoming series is the "first legitimate character-study" since 2008's Iron Man. Isaac also admitted that he saw the chance to go all-out on the character, saying that "maybe this is the chance to do something really f*cking nutty on a major stage:" 

"And it’s the first legitimate Marvel character-study since Iron Man. I thought, ’Maybe I can hijack this thing. Maybe this is the chance to do something really fucking nutty on a major stage.’”

Isaac then shared what drew him in to join Moon Knight, citing the character's complexity and "exploration of a mind" as the main reasons: 

 “What I love most about this thing is that it’s an exploration of a mind that doesn’t know itself. A human being that doesn’t know his own brain. I found that really moving: what the mind is capable of as far as survival."

Isaac also explained that portraying the different personas of Marc Spector "required a lot of energy:"

"But the workload was massive: the technical challenge of embodying these different characters, physically, the way I manifest my body… It required a lot of energy.”

Alongside the reveal, Empire also unveiled a brand new still from the series, showcasing a confused Steven Grant: 

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios


Oscar Isaac's All-Out Performance 

Oscar Isaac's latest comments suggest that Moon Knight will maximize its six-episode structure to explore the titular hero's complexity.

Given that Moon Knight explores many different personalities, it's only fitting for the character to receive the series treatment. This is one of the advantages of a series approach, since it gives more time for the actors, the crew, and the audience to experience the character's journey. 

Isaac's remark about Moon Knight borrowing its approach from Iron Man indicates how the show will explore the character.

In the 2008 MCU film, Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark started as a character who only thinks about himself, but his self-realization of the dangers posed by the weapons he created changed him for the better, ultimately transforming him into a full-fledged hero. 

Moon Knight seems poised to utilize a similar approach but with a different twist due to the different personalities that are involved. This presents a unique opportunity for Marvel Studios since it allows it to push the concept of mental health into the forefront while still striking a balance in showcasing the superhero elements of the show. 

Isaac's remark about doing "something really f***ing nutty" in the series is in line with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige's comment about the violence in the series. Feige previously teased that "there’s a tonal shift" in Moon Knight, and it is going to be "brutal."

Even though the Disney+ series has already received a TV-14 rating on Disney+, it looks like Marvel is pulling out all the stops to fully explore a complex character like Moon Knight like never before. 

Moon Knight is set to premiere on Disney+ on March 30, 2022. 

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