4 Moon Knight Photos Reveal New Scenes With Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke & More

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Moon Knight is inching closer to its Disney+ premiere, meaning that marketing is slowly ramping up for the series. The upcoming MCU show will showcase Oscar Isaac's Marvel debut as the titular antihero, a complex character with dissociative identity disorder who becomes the agent of the Egyptian God Khonshu. Plot details are still being kept under wraps, but it has been confirmed that Isaac's character will go up against Ethan Hawke's villainous Arthur Harrow.

Moon Knight's promotional push indicates that the series will go all-in in terms of exploring the character's different personalities as well as diving deep into Egyptian mythology.

Official footage from the show has confirmed that the focus will initially be on Steven Grant, with the character slowly uncovering his different personalities throughout the narrative, such as unlocking Marc Spector and eventually, Moon Knight

Now, ahead of its March 2022 premiere, a special look at Moon Knight has been unveiled through a series of official images. 

Oscar Isaac & Ethan Hawke Share Scenes in Moon Knight

As shared by Twitter user @CricOut92, Empire's April 2022 issue officially unveiled four new stills from Moon Knight, showcasing fresh looks at Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke's Marvel characters. 

Isaac's Marc Spector (presumably) is seen interacting with May Calamawy's mysterious Marvel character in this official still from the MCU series: 

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector, May Calamawy

Hawke's Arthur Harrow appears to be thrilled to meet Isaac's Steven Grant in this official still: 

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant, Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow, Moon Knight

Steven Grant's other personality, who is presumably Marc Spector, seems to be observing from afar in this new image:

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector, Moon Knight

The Egyptian Moon god Khonshu, who has recently been revealed to be voiced by Oscar-winning actor F. Murray Abraham, looks scary in this official still:

Khonshu, Moon Knight

In the comics, Khonshu saves Steven's life after he's abandoned in the desert, causing Steven to act in service to the god out of gratitude.

Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac, Khonshu


A Deep Dive Into Moon Knight's Complex Personalities 

This latest batch of stills from Moon Knight offers a glimpse of the show's mysterious narrative. 

Details about May Calamawy's MCU character are still unknown, but this new image could hint at her ties to Oscar Isaac's titular antihero. Based on the still, it looks like Calamawy's character has a history with one of Steven Grant's personalities, potentially Marc Spector. 

In the comics, Spector became Moon Knight after being mortally wounded by Raoul Bushman during a job in Sudan. Spector eventually died, but he was revived by Khonshu to become a Marvel superhero. 

It seems that Calamawy's mystery character is one of Spector's teammates during the mission where the former mercenary becomes Moon Knight in the series, meaning that she could be the missing link that could piece together the character's broken memories. Calamawy could also end up as Moon Knight's love interest in the series. 

Meanwhile, the image showcasing Isaac and Hawke's respective Marvel characters seems to hint that they will not be enemies from the get-go. This could indicate that Hawke's Arthur Harrow is fascinated with Steven Grant's past background or he is aware of the character's different personalities. 

The shot of (presumably) Marc Spector observing Steven Grant from afar further cements the idea that the concept of split personalities will be featured prominently in the narrative. This is significant since it allows Moon Knight to stand out from the rest of the Marvel series while also pushing mental health at the forefront

Khonshu seems poised to have a significant role in Moon Knight, and this latest still hints that the god's full form will be showcased in all its glory throughout the series. 

All in all, Moon Knight has the chance to unveil the MCU's most unique hero yet while still highlighting major topics such as the importance of mental health. 

Moon Knight is set to premiere on Disney+ on March 30, 2022. 

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