Moon Knight Disney+: Photo Reveals MCU's New Superhero Detective

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Oscar Isaac Moon Knight

One reported rumor that has got fans excited is Moon Knight having "a choreographed sequence that draws a parallel to the gruesome hallway fight sequence from Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix." Additionally, this moment of brutality would likely involve another of Marc Spector's superhero personas from the comics, called Mr. Knight.

Mr. Knight is the name that Moon Knight goes by when patrolling the city streets in the dead of night, not as a superhero, but as a detective or private investigator. Someone who performs reconnaissance before donning the cowl or dealing with more delicate matters like a kidnapping. 

Recently, audiences have been given a better look at Oscar Isaac's costume for Moon Knight in trailers and on magazine covers. Now, fans have finally been allowed to see Isaac's outfit for the rumored Mr. Knight.

Give a Warm Welcome to Mr. Knight

Empire Magazine revealed an exclusive image from Marvel Studios' upcoming Disney+ series, Moon Knight, showing off Oscar Issac's other superhero persona straight from the comics, called Mr. Knight.

Unlike his costume for Moon Knight, which is drenched in Egyptian visual motifs, this Mr. Knight outfit is far more formal, with Oscar Isaac's Marc Spector wearing a pristine white suit and sporting two truncheons.

Mr. Knight Costume Moon Knight
Empire Magazine

The only actual difference from the comics is that his mask seems to have, at one point, been torn in half and sewn back together. Otherwise, Oscar Issac's Marc Spector is wearing the same kind of well-pressed white suit that his alter-ego wears straight from the comics.

Mr. Knight comics


Protector of Those Who Travel by Night

Something that began to be emphasized recently in the comics is Moon Knight's duty to protect those who travel at night due to him being the Fist of Kohnshu, the Egyptian God of the Moon. It has always been present since Moon Knight's inception as a character, but it was pushed further with the introduction of Mr. Knight.

Moon Knight Comic Panel Mr. Knight Travelers
"Moon Knight" (2021) — Issue #3

Mr. Knight was a persona that formed who would act more as a liaison between the police and Moon Knight and be a more formal face for people to meet and discuss cases. In essence, Mr. Knight is the bright scalpel to Moon Knight's shining hammer.

So, it will be curious to see how Mr. Knight will be utilized in this Disney+ series, which could imply Marc Spector is doing some investigation work with local police. On the other hand, it could be that while Mr. Knight deals with human criminals, Moon Knight is reserved for the more powerful servants of other Egyptian gods and other supernatural enemies.

Fans will see how Mr. Knight fits into Moon Knight when the series debuts on Disney+ on March 30, 2022.

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