Moon Knight Actor Teases 3rd Superhero Suit for Jake Lockley

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Since it was revealed in Episode 2 of Moon Knight that the Mr. Knight persona, typically ascribed to Marc Spector in the comics, was something that was manifested by Marc Spector's alter, Steven Grant, fans have begun to wonder. If the Moon Knight costume and persona belonged to Marc Spector and Mr. Knight belonged to Steven Grant, will there be one for Jake Lockley too?

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for Episode 4 of Moon Knight.

In Marvel Comics, Marc's Jake Lockley alter ego is a low-key taxi cab driver. The latest episode of Moon Knight has shown by far the best evidence of Lockley's existence with the mysterious appearance of a second sarcophagus. The same kind that trapped a terrified Steven Grant, but, unlike Grant, Lockley was furious, still stuck inside his own sarcophagus by the episode's end.

Jake Lockley Tomb

Given the most unmistakable evidence yet that Jake Lockley exists, it's only a matter of time before he's let loose.

So, the question remains: will Lockley have a costume of his own?

Another Costume for Jack Lockley?

In the press tour leading up to the release of Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac was asked by Entertainment Tonight about the possibility of Marc Spector's second alter, Jake Lockley, only for Isaac to answer, “It's very possible. You'll have to keep watching to find out.”

In addition to that question, the actor was also asked, if Lockley were to appear, he would have a masked persona of his own, like Steven Grant's Mr. Knight in the series. Isaac responded, “I like how you're thinking. That is very logical," saying nothing more.

Which Outfit for Marc Spector's Second Alter?

Fans have also been wondering about this line of logic since the second episode. If Marc Spector's masked persona is Moon Knight and Steven Grant's is Mr. Knight, what does that leave Jake Lockley? In the comics, Spector never went by another masked identity like Mr. Knight, which was a recent development, so it's unknown what this third masked persona would even be called.

Moon Knight Sarcophaguses Comic Panel
"Moon Knight" (2021) — Issue #2

So, what potential costumes would Lockley even wear? There are quite a variety of costumes that he could don when tapping into Khonshu's power. The most widely accepted idea of fans would be Lockley wearing a variation of Moon Knight's standard costume, which debuted in the 2014 comic series.

Moon Knight Modern Costume Comic Panel
"Moon Knight" (2014) — Issue #2

It could act as a more high-tech version of Spector's suit while also sporting a more distinct black color scheme. Another possibility would be Lockley going in the opposite direction, wearing an entirely Khonshu-inspired set of armor, such as the bone suit Spector wore to combat ghosts.

Bone Armor Moon Knight Comic Panel
"Moon Knight" (2014) — Issue #3

Lockley could also be suited in the costume that directly inspired the look for Moon Knight's outfit in the show, which is his design from "Universe X."

Universe X Moon Knight Comic Panel
"Universe X" (2000) — Issue #6

Although it's hard to imagine that the show would have Lockley wear a suit so similar to Spector's Moon Knight costume. The series could go in an unpredictable direction and have Lockley wear that creepy stealth outfit Spector only wore in a single issue.

Stealth Costume Moon Knight Comic Panel
"Moon Knight" (2014) — Issue #8

Finally, one possibility is that Lockely doesn't wear a costume at all. The posters for the show did show Moon Knight, Mr. Knight, and what appeared to be Steven Grant in a hood, but perhaps the marketing has been offering fans a look at Lockley all along?

Moon Knight Poster Hoody
Marvel Studios

After all, in the comics, Jake was traditionally the one who worked the streets and worked in the grime and gritty. Isaac didn't confirm that Lockley had a costume, just that it was "logical" that he would.

Fans can try and find out by continuing to watch Moon Knight on Disney+ every Wednesday.

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