Marvel Rumored to Rival Daredevil's Iconic Hallway Fight With Moon Knight Action Sequence

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Disney+ has become the crown jewel in Marvel Studios' crown this year, as fans are currently enjoying its fourth streaming show. These ventures have been so successful, in fact, that one of them even went on to win three Emmys.

It's no surprise to know that there are plenty more Disney+ shows to come in the future. What If...? will be finishing up its run in a few weeks with Hawkeye set to round out the year. After that, in 2022, are the likes of Ms. MarvelShe-Hulk, and Secret Invasion.

Then, of course, there's Moon Knight, a show which stars Oscar Isaac in the starring role. The show has been teased as being an insane ride, and Isaac even recently proclaimed the show to be the best risk the actor has ever taken.

New information has surfaced about additional looks the hero will be seen in, and also some interesting Daredevil influences.

Moon Knight meets Style and Hallways

Marvel, MCU, Moon Knight

According to The Cosmic Circus, fans now have even more reasons to be excited about Marvel Studios' upcoming Disney+ show Moon Knight.

The site reported that they have learned that "Marc will also be donning a version of the Mr. Knight costume from his 2014 run in the comics."

The costume in question is the vigilante in a very stylish bright white suit. Cosmic Circus isn't sure if that means that Marc's detective identity will also make an emergence during the show, but it's likely a safe bet.  Marc's detective identity will also make an emergence during the show, but it's likely a safe bet. 

Marvel, MCU, Moon Knight

The site goes on to reveal a particular action sequence that will be extremely exciting for many fans. 

As fans already know, Moon Knight will have some intense action scenes for the audiences' pleasure. Apparently, one scene in the show will see Marc Spector "[taking] on a group of mercenaries in a choreographed sequence that draws a parallel to the gruesome hallway fight sequence from Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix."

Daredevil the Influencer

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There are plenty of rumors floating around that fans are going to be seeing Charlie Cox showing up as Matt Murdock once again in the MCU, so it's no surprise that there's some further appreciation of the Devil's adventures in Hell's Kitchen on his former Netflix show. 

Daredevil was a brutal fighter, just like Marc Spector, so it makes perfect sense that the fighting style and brutality on display there would take center stage in Moon Knight. It's even more exciting to know fans may see Spector take on some goons in a classic hallway fight.

It will be a little sad if this is all true, because if Daredevil is in fact returning to the MCU, it would only be right for him to be the one bringing hallway fighting back in style.

Fans will have to wait until Moon Knight  hits in 2022 to see if Spector shows up in his fancy suit while beating up goons brutally in a hallway.

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