Moon Knight Disney+: First Set Video Shows Marvel Hero In Action

By Lauren Rouse Posted:
Moon Knight Oscar Isaac

Following the success of WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki, Marvel is ramping up production on its next slate of Disney+ series. 

One of these new titles is Moon Knight, which features Star Wars alumni Oscar Isaac as the titular hero. Isaac stars alongside Ethan Hawke as an unnamed villain and May Calamawy in another key role.

Filming for Moon Knight is currently taking place in Budapest, Hungary, but little is known about the show's plot. It's described as an action-adventure following a hero suffering from dissociative identity disorder, which promises to be unlike anything audiences have seen in the MCU before. 

Oscar Isaac has teased that Moon Knight will be a "wild" show and now some of that wildness can be seen in action thanks to a new video from the set.


Moon Knight Oscar Isaac

A video captured from the Budapest production of Moon Knight (via @tibor.proart on Instagram) shows just one of the epic stunts audiences can expect to see in the show. 

In the clip, a costumed character can be seen jumping and flying through the air. The costume looks similar very similar to that of Moon Knight's from the comics, so it can be presumed this is a first look at the Marvel hero in action.



In the comics, Moon Knight possesses heightened martial arts and combat skills. Kevin Feige has described the character as someone who "jumps out of buildings and gets into fights" which lines up with what's happening in this video.

Moon Knight appears to be upping the ante in terms of action and stunts for an MCU project. The series has hired the stunt coordinator from James Bond's No Time To Die and Oscar Isaac has been shown training hard for his role as the action hero. 

The Disney+ series has been said to have an Indiana Jones vibe which is a good sign for those who enjoy thrilling action sequences. It will also delve into some supernatural territory by exploring the mythology of Ancient Egyptian gods. 

If this stunt from the set of Moon Knight is anything to go by, audiences are definitely in for an action-packed ride when the show launches in 2022

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