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Oscar Isaac Teases Marvel's 'Wild' Moon Knight Disney+ Show

Moon Knight and Oscar Isaac
By Lauren Rouse

Many of the Marvel projects lined up for the rest of the year will introduce fans to brand-new heroes like Shang-Chi, Ms. Marvel, and the Eternals, and these aren't the only new characters making their way to the live-action MCU.

In 2022, audiences will meet the mysterious Moon Knight, played by Star Wars and X-Men alumni Oscar Isaac. The Disney+ series will follow Isaac as Marc Spector, a unique hero who suffers from a dissociative identity disorder that brings out multiple distinct characters. 

Isaac has been training hard for the role and now that filming for Moon Knight has officially begun, the actor has teased what fans can expect from the new show. 


Oscar Isaac Moon Knight

At the Legendary Comics panel for San Diego Comic-Con at Home (via YouTube), Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac described the new Disney+ series as a "wild show": 

"I'm here on the set of Moon Knight. We're deep into it over here. It's been going great. It's going to be a wild, wild, show. I'll be very excited to talk about it in the future."


Everything that's been revealed about Moon Knight so far seems to support Isaac's statement that this will be a wild show unlike anything else in the MCU.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has previously described Moon Knight as an action hero who "jumps out of buildings and gets into fights" and that exploring the mental illness of the character will "bring a unique aspect" to the show.

Moon Knight will also bring plenty of supernatural and mystical elements thanks to the character's relationship with multiple Egyptian Gods, which it seems will play a big part in the Disney+ show

There are even rumors that werewolves could make an appearance in Moon Knight, due to the character's first comic appearance being in Werewolf by Night. If true this would certainly make for a "wild" Marvel show.