Marvel Just Teased Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight Future

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The boss at Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, teased the future of Oscar Isaac's recently minted hero, who starred in the Moon Knight series on Disney+.

Based on how the series' first season ended, one would expect that more episodes were already in the works. Sadly, however, "there's no official word" on a sophomore run.

While Season 2 may not have been confirmed just yet, there are plenty of whispers to justify the assumption that something is planned for Moon Knight.

There were even rumors that when Marvel Studios does get around to creating another round of Moon Knight episodes, they would be coming out at some point before Avengers: Secret Wars.

Now, fans have another reason to hope that Oscar Isaac will be returning to the role sooner rather than later.

The Future of Moon Knight in the MCU

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige commented on what they learned about the previous Phase 4 projects while teasing more of Moon Knight.

Feige noted how "[he] hope[s] [they] learn something on every project" and that one of the new characters he's proud of is Kamala Khan:

"I hope we learn something on every project. I was very pleased with everything that we did. Kamala Khan, for instance, is a great new character in the pantheon. I’m very proud of the Ms. Marvel show. I also know — and this is a spoiler — she essentially steals The Marvels, which is coming out [July 28]."

The Marvel Studios President went on to tease that Moon Knight is another example of a newly introduced hero who they love—he even dropped hints of Marc Spector's continued adventures, saying that "there's a future for that character as we move forward:"

"It makes me excited that people will, I hope, see that movie and then go back and revisit those shows on Disney+. The fun thing about streaming is they are there forever, and people can keep re-exploring them. Moon Knight, same thing. I think there’s a future for that character as we move forward."

What Place Does Moon Knight Have?

For many, it's probably hard to see where Moon Knight might belong in the wider Multiverse Saga.

That's understandable. After all, the character usually has nothing to do with the Multiverse or time travel.

Despite that, the MCU likes making changes. The key example is with Kang the Conqueror himself, as he normally has zero connection to any of the Secret Wars events in the comics—yet he's where the 2026 event film will lead to.

So, how will they tie Marc Spector to something as grand as Kang? Well, as luck would have it, Majors' villain has a very specific Variant who would fit into Moon Knight's story perfectly: Rama-Tut, who was a Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt.

The only problem is the distance of time between Marc and the power-hungry past version of Kang. Marvel can probably figure it out, though—right?

Moon Knight Season 1 is now streaming on Disney+.

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