Oscar Isaac Shuts Down Moon Knight Season 2 ‘Confirmation’

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Moon Knight successfully introduced a brand new character into the MCU, showcasing the debut of Oscar Isaac's titular hero alongside several of his alter egos. After its much-talked-about run on Disney+, the attention has now shifted to a potential Season 2, with Isaac being at the center of the conversation. 

The Moon Knight lead star and director Mohamed Diab previously hyped up the possibility of a Season 2 by posting a TikTok video of themselves in Cairo. However, Diab has since denied that they are teasing a sophomore season. 

Despite that, a rumor that surfaced in September indicated that Season 2 is indeed confirmed to be happening, causing confusion among fans. 

Now, Isaac has set the record straight once again to clear the confusion.

Oscar Isaac on Moon Knight Season 2: 'No Official Word'

Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac

Speaking with Collider alongside Head Woods: Sparrow creator Bob Johnson and writer John Alvey, MCU star Oscar Isaac talked about the possibility of seeing Moon Knight move forward into a second season. 

Isaac has been at the forefront of the news when it comes to talking about Moon Knight Season 2. Although he didn't confirm a sophomore season, the Star Wars sequel trilogy actor previously shared that he had "some specific conversations" about where Marc Spector and his alters will go in future stories.

When Collider directly asked if they can just definitely say that he is making Moon Knight Season 2, Isaac admitted that he "can't definitely say that," noting that "there's no official word" from Marvel Studios:  

Isaac: We can’t definitively say that. I need my teasing abilities. Can’t drain me of those. What a cock tease I am. Always been.

John Alvey: That’s true.

Isaac: No, I hope so. We’ll see what happens. But at the moment, there’s no official word.

Bob Johnson: Well, if there isn’t, we’re going to riot. If there isn’t one... You, me and everybody else is going to riot if there isn’t. I’ll tell you that.

Moving on to his upcoming projects, Isaac was asked what it's in store for him in the near future, to which the actor confirmed that he is "going to do a play" in 2023. 

Aside from that confirmation, the MCU newcomer also pointed out that Moon Knight was so amazing yet "incredibly draining:"

Isaac: "Possibly filming-"

Johnson: "Your kids pooping."

Isaac: "My children pooping?"

Alvey: "Don’t film that."

Isaac: "I’m not going to film it. I’ve got enough pictures. Nothing. There’s nothing in the works. Moon Knight was so amazing, but also so incredibly draining. I just put every bit of myself into that. Every bit of output I could. That it’s just been a year of input, just taking stuff in as opposed to having to put anything out other than headphones. So at the moment, I’m going to do a play next year and then we’ll see what happens after that."

In one of his latest interviews, Isaac did confirm that Season 1 "is not the last we’ve heard of the system that is Moon Knight," meaning that the character's MCU story is far from over.

Why a Moon Knight Season 2 is Likely 

Oscar Isaac's latest comments clearly indicate that Moon Knight Season 2 is not yet officially arriving on Disney+ yet, but this doesn't change the fact that the actor confirmed that he had conversations with Marvel Studios already is a huge factor. 

If a Season 2 is going to be made, then it's likely that it will not release until Phase 6, considering that Phase 5 already has a stacked lineup and Isaac's busy schedule. Despite that long wait, it's possible that Moon Knight could still show up in other projects before returning to explore more of his other personalities (Jake Lockley) in another season. 

While Isaac pointed out that working on Moon Knight is "draining," this still doesn't change his passion for both the character and the project. In the months leading to the series' Disney+'s release, Isaac even called the show "(his) baby" while admitting that he hopes it blows the fandom's collective mind. 

All in all, Isaac's love for the character combined with the anticipation from fans essentially makes the wait for Season 2 far more exciting. 

Moon Knight is streaming on Disney+.

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