Moon Knight Season 2 Teased by Oscar Isaac in New Video

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Moon Knight Season 2

Disney+ has brought a grand paradigm shift to the MCU as the majority of new heroes have gone from being introduced in big-screen blockbusters to streaming adventures. Among them is Moon Knight which brought Oscar Isaac into the fold as Marc Spector, a man who lives with multiple personalities in his head and also serves the Egyptian god Khonshu as his avatar.

The series ended off with Spector freeing himself from Khonshu, defeating the villainous Arthur Harrow, and his love interest Layla becoming the Scarlet Scarab. Even though most of the season focused on Marc Spector and Steven Grant, the post-credits revealed the brutal Jake Lockley as the hidden third identity who is still serving Khonshu.

Following the dramatic cliffhanger, many have been wondering when the Season 2 confirmation will come, but just as with the other Disney+ series, Marvel Studios has been hesitant to confirm renewal. Although so far, only Loki has been confirmed for a follow-up out of the live-action shows, the team behind Moon Knight may be hinting at some news on the way. 

Moon Knight Director Hints at Season 2

TikTok user hayaattiaaa shared a video with Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab and star Oscar Isaac which may cryptically hint toward Season 2:

hayaattiaaa: "The question on everyone's mind: is there a Season 2?"

Diab: "Of Moon Knight?"

Isaac: "Why else would we be in Cairo?"

Diab shared the TikTok on Twitter, simply saying "Moon Knight Season 2?"

The original video can be seen below:

When Does Moon Knight Season 2 Release?

There's no telling the exact intention behind this video, perhaps Isaac and Diab are confirming Season 2 is in the works, or maybe they are campaigning Marvel and Disney for a renewal. What's curious is why the Moon Knight creators would be together in Cairo otherwise, unless it's just for a random holiday as friends.

With Disney's D23 taking place next month, maybe a small team has headed out to Egypt to film a short video to announce the continuation next month. After all, Marvel Studios is expected to bring more announcements at the event and there are plenty of blank spots on the Phase 6 slate.

If that were to be the case and Moon Knight Season 2 does release during the Multiverse Saga, it would likely premiere in 2025 during Phase 6, as the slates for Phases 4 and 5 appear to be complete. This may sound like a long wait, but perhaps Marc Spector will show up elsewhere before then in another supernatural story such as Blade.

Nonetheless, Moon Knight will undoubtedly be back in the not too distant future as he teams up with the Avengers for The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars, despite how standalone his debut season proved to be in terms of a lack of MCU connections.

Moon Knight is streaming now, exclusively on Disney+.

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