Is Moon Knight Season 2 Happening? New Rumor Reveals Likelihood

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Moon Knight had an incredible six-episode run on Disney+, telling the story of Oscar Isaac's lead hero that has multiple personalities, namely Marc Spector and Steven Grant. However, at the tail-end of the series, Spector's third personality in the form of Jake Lockley was revealed, teasing that Moon Knight's story is far from over. 

As a result of this reveal, many have wondered if a Season 2 for Moon Knight is in the works. Marvel Studios creative and Moon Knight executive producer Grant Curtis revealed that he's on board with the idea of a sophomore season while also saying that the character fits into "any corner" of the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward

Disney+ might have also teased Moon Knight Season 2's arrival due to a new survey, but nothing has been set in stone. Now, another update about the series has been revealed.

New Rumor Reveals Moon Knight Season 2 Status 

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As shared from the Trusted Sources section on the Marvel Studios Spoiler subreddit, a rumor revealed that Moon Knight Season 2 is "happening."

It is unknown if the Marvel series was already renewed on Disney+, but previous evidence may shed some light on the matter.

TikTok user @hayaattiaaa previously shared a video that may have hinted toward a sophomore season for Moon Knight. The said footage revealed director Mohamed Diab and lead star Oscar Isaac in Cairo, Egypt, teasing fans about the follow-up to the MCU show: 

hayaattiaaa: "The question on everyone's mind: is there a Season 2?"

Diab: "Of Moon Knight?"

Isaac: "Why else would we be in Cairo?"

However, Diab clarified that there are currently no discussions about a potential Season 2 for Moon Knight:

"There is no talk about a future for the character yet but this is soo valid."

When Might Moon Knight Season 2 Release?

Moon Knight Season 2 has been a hot topic among fans ever since the show finished its first six-episode run on Disney+. While this latest rumor joins the long list of teases about its sophomore season, there's solid evidence that the Oscar Isaac-led series will return. 

The first obvious hint is the fact that Marc Spector and Khonshu's story is far from over, especially after Jake Lockley's arrival. Moon Knight head writer Jeremy Slater already expressed excitement about exploring Jake's morality while the possibility of seeing a third Moon Knight costume for the character was also teased. 

Moreover, Disney+ is also no stranger to providing hints about a sophomore season. The official Twitter account of Disney+ Hotstar India might have accidentally teased Moon Knight Season 2 while Marvel Studios' own Twitter page promoted the episode by stating in the post that it was the "season finale" instead of the series finale. 

At this point, the MCU has a stacked slate in the coming years, but Moon Knight could be considered as a late entry to Phase 5 or even an early addition to Phase 6. The character's popularity combined with his unfinished story provides a strong argument that the Marvel hero is poised to return sooner rather than later. 

Moon Knight is streaming on Disney+. 

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