Moon Knight Season 2: Disney+ Tweet Spurs Renewal Speculation

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Moon Knight has already finished its incredible first-season run on Disney+ but talks about seeing another set of installments have emerged on social media after its explosive finale. Episode 6 capped off the story of Marc Spector and Steven Grant's debacle with Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow, but the post-credits introduced the character's third personality in the form of a much more dangerous Jake Lockley. The alter's introduction led many to believe that there are more stories for the Fist of Vengeance, thus leading to a possible second season. 

Marvel Studios creative and Moon Knight executive producer Grant Curtis shared that while a second season is not yet confirmed, he believes Oscar Isaac's MCU hero fits into "any corner" of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hawke pointed out that Moon Knight “functions as a limited series,” but could potentially become “the origin story of a larger thing.”

Now, fresh off a Disney+ run, it looks like more evidence has emerged about a potential second season for Moon Knight

Disney+ Teases Moon Knight Season 2 

Moon Knight Season 2

The official Twitter account of Disney+ Hotstar India posted a tweet that could hint at the possibility of seeing the second season of Moon Knight. The account shared that it can't decide what's harder, with it choosing between dealing with heat or "waiting for the 2nd season of Moon Knight:"

"Can’t decide what's harder. Dealing with heat or waiting for the 2nd season of #MoonKnight"

 As of writing, Marvel Studios has yet to confirm if the Oscar Isaac-led series will receive another season on Disney+. 

This isn't the first time that Disney and/or Marvel Studios have teased Moon Knight's second season. During the finale, the studio's official Twitter page promoted the episode by stating in the post that it was the "season finale" instead of the series finale. 

Moon Knight Season 2
Marvel Studios


Moon Knight Season 2 Announcement Soon?

While international social media accounts under the Marvel brand have been wrong in the past, this latest tweet could be a strong hint that Moon Knight's second season could eventually happen, especially considering that this isn't the first time that it's been teased. 

Moon Knight's initial run on Disney+ delivered an origin story, meaning that there is room for more stories. However, it's a question of what kind of avenue will be required to tell those stories. 

Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab previously shared his desire to bring the character "into a film," with him saying that it could explore Marc Spector's adventure with another MCU hero. While showcasing a big screen debut for the Fist of Vengeance is appealing, giving another season for Moon Knight allows Marvel to flesh out the character even more in a six-episode series. 

It remains to be seen if Marvel Studios will officially announce Moon Knight's second season, but it's safe to assume that an update about the character's next appearance could be revealed sooner rather than later. 

Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney+. 

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