MCU Blade: Marvel Accidently Reveals Original Release Date of Mahershala Ali Movie

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Marvel Studios surprised everyone during the 2019 edition of San Diego Comic-Con when it was announced that an upcoming Blade reboot will debut in the MCU. The film will be led by award-winning actor Mahershala Ali, and he is expected to be joined by a slew of interesting characters along the way.

Ever since the announcement, news about the development of Blade slowed down, which makes sense considering the ongoing health crisis. Still, it was previously confirmed that Blade will be directed by Bassam Tariq, and it will be written by Staci Osei-Kuffour. 

The release date of the film has yet to be revealed, but evidence at one point suggested that a 2022 debut was in the cards. On top of that, plot details of Blade are still being kept under wraps, and it remains to be seen how the character will be introduced alongside other Marvel heroes within the MCU's continuity.

Now, a new report has surfaced that could hint at the film's original release date.

Blade Release Mistake?

Marvel India's official Twitter account recently posted the studio's 2022 movie slate alongside the films' respective release dates. 

One of the movies on the list is Mahershala Ali's Blade, which is shown with a October 7, 2022 date.

Is Blade really debuting in one year? The very likely answer is no. The Mahershala Ali movie isn't set to begin filming until July 2022, so the project will likely be wrapping production by October of next year.

So why did an official Marvel account claim a false date? The most probable scenario is that, originally, Blade was slated to premiere on October 7, 2022 prior to its production being pushed back. In all likelihood, this graphic shared that old date alongside the accurate dates for the other five movies included:

If Blade isn't premiering in October of next year, when will it release?

Blade Eyeing a 2023 Release?

It’s no secret that Marvel Studios has a stacked slate in 2022, and this graphic is clear proof of that. It is also worth pointing out that this list doesn't include the small screen branch of the MCU which includes shows like Moon Knight and She-Hulk

Blade's original release date is also in line with comments tom Marv Wolfman, the character's co-creator, from March 2021 when he shared that the film would be released sometime "in 2022." If Marvel sticks with its original plan, then this means that the studio could have five films in 2022, breaking 2021's record of four films (Black Widow, Shang-Chi, Eternals, and Spider-Man: No Way Home). 

The Hollywood Reporter previously revealed that Blade's production was moved from September 2021 all the way to July 2022 which further cements the fact that this October 2022 release date is the film's original date. At this stage, there's a strong chance that Blade could be taking the October 6, 2023 placeholder date for Marvel Studios. 

In addition, aside from Mahershala Ali, there are no other reported cast members that have been announced for Blade except for a rumor that two supporting characters are being considered for the film. 

While Marvel Studios is keeping its focus on other projects like Hawkeye and Spider-Man: No Way Home, it's possible that a Blade-related announcement could be announced during the 2021 edition of Disney Investor Day, or the studio could drop a surprise announcement on its social media accounts within the year. 

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