Marvel Studios' Blade Movie Start Date Delayed

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The release date for Blade has been a huge mystery for fans, with the only clue from Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige being that it wasn't a Phase Four film. Previously, it was assumed that Blade would, at the very least, release before The Marvels. However, more information soon pointed to this being the case.

In February, Marvel Studios brought on writer Stacy Osei-Kuffour to pen the script for Mahershala Ali's Blade, who previously wrote for HBO's Watchmen. The film still lacked a director, but a writer being hired meant the project had movement.

Rumors pointed to production for Blade beginning in late 2021, but a new report indicates that filming for the Mahershala Ali-led production will be getting a long delay.


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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the start date for Blade has been pushed from this September all the way to July 2022, giving writer Stacy Osei-Kuffour more time to work on the script.

Furthermore, according to the report, Marvel Studios is currently searching for a director for Blade, eyeing similar Black filmmakers that Warner Bros. is on the hunt for to helm their upcoming Superman movie.


There actually was some concern about there being enough time for Osei-Kuffour to write a good script before production began, so any delay isn't a surprise. However, a delay of more than a year was certainly unexpected, but welcome, as it will give plenty of time for Osei-Kuffour to refine the script and Marvel Studios to find the appropriate director.

Mahershala Ali is still excited for Blade and its darker tone that sets it apart from other properties like Luke Cage. Although, it's unlikely that Marvel Studios will have it be R-rated like the films starring Wesley Snipes.

Such a huge delay likely means that Blade will not be released anytime in 2022 and certainly not in the mysterious October 2022 slot that is still currently empty.

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