Moon Knight Producer Addresses Avengers’ Kang Easter Egg

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Moon Knight Producer Kang Avengers Theory

Six weeks have come and gone, and with them came all six episodes of Moon Knight. Marvel Studios' latest streaming series has been heralded as a hit with many praising Oscar Isaac's performance at the center of it. The project helped introduce the world to a new MCU hero in Marc Spector, a former mercenary who, while having to deal with working alongside an Egyptian god, is suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder. 

Yes, Moon Knight is a part of the MCU, but for the most part, it stays fairly separate from the rest of Marvel's ongoing on-screen canon. Surely, it will not be long before Oscar Isaac's hero makes himself known to the greater MCU, but for now, he seemingly remains cordoned off in his own corner of the world. 

But that is not to say there was no mention or hint at the greater Feige-verse. And a producer on the project has recently revealed a potential tie from the series to who is looking to be the MCU's next big bad. 

Was Kang in Moon Knight?

In a recent interview with ComicBookMoon Knight producer Grant Curtis addressed rumors that the Alexander the Great inclusion in the series was an allusion to a version of Kang the Conqueror. 

In the comics one of Kang's various identities across time is Rama-Tut. So with Alexander the Great being a part of Moon Knight, many have speculated that this was actually Disney pointing to Rama-Tut (aka Kang).

Kang Moon Knight 2
Marvel Studios

To this theory, Curtis responded saying, that he hopes whoever has written this interconnection narrative so far "look at [Moon Knight's] six episodes" and "see the narrative that they brought to the table" because this is "a journey that does span the decades:"

“No spoilers, but what I can tell you is hopefully one of the things that the people who wrote that interconnectivity [the source material] over the decades, what I do hope they do is they look at our six episodes and they see the narrative that they brought to the table because this narrative is a journey that does span the decades,” 

The producer also mentioned that he "hope everybody who’s worked on this IP" watched the series and that they "see their contributions" from over the decades in the series:

“It takes decades of writers to make the Moon Knight Disney+ series. And I hope everybody who’s worked on this IP over the years watches this show and has a smile on their face, because they see their contributions. It took all those artists and writers that came before us to make this show.”

More Tribute than Cameo

From the sound of Curtis' quotes here, this Alexander the Great/Rama-Tut theory is merely a tribute to the greater Marvel canon, than the filmmakers intentionally alluding to Kang the Conqueror

Kang Moon Knight 1
Marvel Studios

It certainly feels as though Kang is being built up to be the next Thanos-like figure for the MCU, so if this were to be the studio directly pointing to the villain it would not be all the surprising. However, that is the amazing thing with comic book storytelling as a whole. No matter who is brought up from throughout history they usually have some sort of tie to a comic character fans know and love - or in this case love to hate. 

This does not feel like the Moon Knight creatives shouting out this Multiversal villain. But with the way MCU works, who is to say that it could not come to mean something retroactively. Marvel Studios does this all the time, taking a small detail from past projects, and pulling on that string in the future. It's strategies like these that make the Hollywood giant's plans look even bigger than they are. 

While the Alexander the Great from Moon Knight may not be Kang in the MCU right now, that is not to say he never will be. 

Moon Knight is available to stream in its entirety now on Disney+.

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